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CCC Says: "Movie licensed video games don’t just suck, it’s more complicated than that. More often than not, they are depressingly mediocre. You can’t make a Transformers game a generic shooter. Players want to be transforming into cars! You can’t make a Ratatouille game a generic platformer. Players want to be… cooking or something. Similarly, you can’t make The Amazing Spider-Man 2 a generic open world action game. People want to be swinging on webs and crawling up walls. Unfortunately, that’s the biggest problem with The Amazing Spider-Man 2. While the action is solid enough, the Spideyness of it all just doesn’t work."

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cmazza1634d ago

There have been at least 6 spider-man games since Spider-man 2 came out, and yet none of the devs have been able to understand that the web slinging and open world aspect of Spider-man 2 was damn near perfect. Why can't they just improve the combat a bit and keep the rest as it was?

OrangePowerz1634d ago

I kind of enjoyed Shattered Dimensions.

cmazza1634d ago

yea i had fun with that too, but in terms of open world spidey games i think SM2 nailed it

Phil321634d ago

I liked Ultimate Spider-Man. I was late to the party on Spider-Man 2, only playing it about two years ago, and I didn't find it that thrilling of a game.

Pintheshadows1634d ago

At the time man, it was pretty mindblowing.

diesoft1634d ago

When it came out, the whole open world sandbox was still a fairly new thing. It was pretty incredible after grand theft auto, where you could swing arond like spiderman instead of stealing cars. Not a perfect game, but the part that mattered most (swinging around and feeling like spiderman) was AMAZING.

Phil321634d ago

Oh, I definitely believe that at the time it was awesome. I didn't mean to discredit the game in any way. :)

Crazay1634d ago

I have some rather glaring issues with this SPider-Man game in my, granted very limited time with it. I PLAYED THIS GAME 2 YRS AGO when TASM fist came out only this one has way more annoying things to it.

When you perform good deeds or fail at tasks, you're greeted with an unwanted newscast while it loads, When you enter a comic shop, Aunt May's home or anywhere else that happens to be wait while it loads. The dialogue is horrendous and laughable in the sense that it's like hearing a 5yr old tell you a knock knock joke; It's funny but only because it's cute that they think it's so funny.

Anyway those are my early impressions.

Anthotis1634d ago

It's pretty difficult to screw this up.

Spider-Man 2 + More Awesomesauce = Win

Tdmd1634d ago

I was really hoping that, in the end of this generation, and after 4 spider-man games, this one could finally be the spidey game I was waiting for. I was not fooling myself in hopes of something remarkable, but I was hoping that it could, at the very least, be above avarage. Tsc... guess we're not there yet.