Is the Writing on the Wall for Nintendo Fans?

CCC Says: "No matter how many signs you point to, some simply refuse to accept the inevitable hand of fate.

It’s hard to play fortune teller, as history is often told via perfect 20/20 hind-sight. Predicting exactly how this latest chapter of the console war will shake out is a challenge, due to it still unfolding in-front of us every day. However, there is one prediction I feel confident history will back me up on: the Wii U will be known as the system that forced Nintendo out of the home console market.

Now hold on. Put your torches and pitch forks down for just a moment while I explain…"

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NYC_Gamer1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Nintendo fans have nothing to worry about since they will still be able to play games like Mario and etc regardless of Wii U sales..It's Nintendo themselves who have to sit back and figure out a new strategy to be successful in the home console market..

randomass1711634d ago

That about sums it up. Low sales doesn't mean a product can't be enjoyed by those who bought it.

fonger081634d ago

While agree with the central point that Nintendo needs to make changes, there is a lot of speculation thrown into this article that becuase the Wii U isn't selling Nintendo will not do another home console. The virtual boy didn't sell, did they stop with home consoles then? How about the Sega Saturn? The GameCube? Heck even the Xbox lost a ton of money and wasn't exactly a commerical success. I don't know what Nintendo plans to do outside of gaming, but I'd more than willing to bet they will do at least one more home console before they'd exit the industry.

randomass1711634d ago

Ironically, I think the Virtual Boy is the only platform they made that lost money. The GCN may not have sold too much, but it was still a profitable system. Sure, it could have been MORE popular, but what's important is Nintendo earned more than they spent on it and I think that was enough to make them happy.

SpiralTear1634d ago

There so many unjustified claims and garbage predictions in this article that it's downright pathetic. Guess what?

One non-first-place console doesn't sink a company.

Nintendo has said nothing about abandoning the console market. In fact, they've argued against it constantly.

Investing in a business field outside of gaming while still maintaining a place in the video game market is not death incarnate. A lot of other companies do it and they're still making awesome video games.

Nintendo has openly said that they aren't going to put their games on smartphones and are going to try an alternative method of using the mobile space.

I know that the author is trying to treat anyone who likes Nintendo like some delusional child with impossible dreams that'll never happen, but my god, if you really want to speak realistically about Nintendo's situation, then speak realistically. This article is not realistic at all. It's just doom and gloom. Uninformed doom and gloom.

fonger081634d ago

Flame-bait speculation and assumptions in all their unjustified glory posted today. Too bad I fell for it...

donwel1634d ago

People seem to forget that Nintendo haven't always been a games company. They started out making playing cards, then moved onto something else when that became unprofitable before moving onto gaming.
They're likely just testing the water for new products and whatnot, fact is Nintendo as a company have been around for about 100 or so years and it's thanks to their ability to branch out into other areas when needs be.
Plus 3DS is a massive moneymaker, so I don't think they'll be leaving gaming anytime soon.

randomass1711634d ago

Seems like the article was completely sensationalized. Or the author was on drugs.

WeAreLegion1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Ignore these articles. Nintendo is doing just fine.

randomass1711634d ago

Well, Nintendo can do better with Wii U, but overall as a company they could be doing a heck of a lot worse than people think.

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