Do ‘Real’ Gamers Play to Win or for Fun?

The writers looks at how different personality types approach the hobby to determine what makes a ‘true’ gamer.

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Neoninja1658d ago

Very interesting read. Don't quite understand the "real" gamer thing,but I do enjoy the challenge of games. However if a game isn't fun then I probably won't play it.
So I guess I play for fun with a hint of challenge thrown in.

Kingthrash3601658d ago

a game isn't as fun if it isn't challenging imo.
i need both..."real" gamer thing..isnt about challenge or fun...real gamers are passionate about gaming...we live and breath gaming. staying up until 3am to see a stream of e3...out in the snow until midnite to pick up a new game, or bathing in supermario bath soap imported from japan costing 59.99 type passion. lol thats the type of things "real" gamers do.

AKissFromDaddy1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Winning is fun. Losing but coming close to winning is the next best outcome.