Future Shop Will Have Mercy During PS3 and Wii Launch

It's going to be murder finding a PS3 or Wii this weekend, but retailer Future Shop is trying to ease the pain a little bit. They're not letting employees horde supply, and the exact number of units per store will be posted on a sign on the front door, so no tricky bait and switches. They state that each store with have a minimum of 10 PS3 and between 15-60 Wii units, so you know where your odds are, at least.

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MicroGamer4447d ago

I am glad to see a retailer is limiting what employees can buy and is making inventory figures available to the public. Everyone knows that whenever a hot item hits the shelves, whether it's the latest video game console or a TMX Elmo, the store employees have pretty much bought them all up for ebay before the store even opens.