Destiny’s End Game Activities Are “Very Complicated”, More on Groups and Clans

MP1st - Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague offers up more details about the studio’s ambitious shared-world FPS project, Destiny.

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fenome1685d ago

PSN fenome , add me if you want to group up. I don't play much online multiplayer, but this game kind of calls for it. I guess this is where games are heading though, with the Crew and the Division and everything else so I need to get with the times. lol

On the real though, I wish they'd focus some more on couch co-op, miss local multiplayer with a passion. I've got extra controllers for a reason, let me use them! :D

Skate-AK1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

I think the reason couch co-op was absent basically all gen is because it takes extra processing power. I would guess that devs figured that they want to get the most out of a game graphically and framerate wise. Big budgets and small profit margins also have something to do with it. A publisher would rather get you and your friend to buy a copy rather than him always playing it at your house. Or vice versa. With the rise of online multiplayer, they want you to have the best experience while maximizing their profits. That means stable framerate, good graphics, but no couch co-op. I wouldn't say that this is always true but just why I think couch co-op was rare to find last gen.

ab5olut10n1685d ago

You should try ibb & obb. It's just a simple platformer but my roommate and I had a blast with it. Could have been the mushrooms though...

fenome1685d ago

Come to think of it I got that game on PS+ a while back but never gave it a shot. My PS3 hasn't gotten much use since I got a PS4. Might have to try it out though, thanks.

And yeah, mushrooms tend to create experiences of their own. lmao

Farsendor11684d ago

really not sure about this game im liking some things then i hear other things that i dont like.

really confused if i want this or not and with me that is surprising i usually buy everything.

fenome1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I've been following it heavily and don't let the 'new info' turn you away. There's a ton of ways to play Destiny.

This game's just different on how they try to get you to mingle. You might just be going through your game and 'stumble' up on other people playing it. Join 'em, help them or ditch them, the decision is yours.

It's your choice if you want to play with them or not though.. You're never forced into anything. Explore the story at your preference and the worlds at your leisure.

joab7771685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Bungie is doing what so many others should have done before. Many like Sony have created mmofps' s like P lanetside etc. But an Mmofpsrpg? Wow! My two favorite genres combined.

Of all the mmos that have released and their respective PvP modes. We will now have a halo-esque PvP inside an mmo. Also instead of auto attacks, we will control the hero completely.

This game could be a game changer...and its concept seems so obvious. Way to go bungie.I am interested to see how they handle PvP though, as many ex halo fans may not want to do tons of PvE to play PvP.

Also, I am wondering about the lack of a sub. Will content simply b paid dlc? Will there be a cash shop. Its is very expensive to continuously roll out content.

Also, in reference to this article. It isn't that the end game is complicated, its that it is an mmo. I know that they shy away from that label, but thats what it is. You make friends and u tackle end game content together, figuring out things together.

Damn I am excited. I always wanted an mmo on console. Now there will be 3 quality ones by September.

Septic1685d ago

At least conceptually, yeah it as ambitious as you say it is. But in reality, and even Bungie went on record in saying this, itll be a lot more shooter heavy than mmo heavy. So I don't think it will be the game that decisively melds all those genres because at its core its a shooter first.

But it'll be one of the first to do so on consoles.

Remember Huxley? That cancelled FPS was a bolder step in that it had PVE, PVP as well as factions etc. Something like that would be a greater jump in the vein of what you're talking about. Check the YouTube videos for it if you haven't already.

But yeah, I'm excited too. Destiny could have a such a unique way of melding all these genres that it will feel how you say. Certainly, the end game content and raids sound amazing.

Elvis-201685d ago

Add me on PSN: Elvis-20 if you are trying to play Some Destiny in the future :)