‘Graphics Will Keep Improving’ On PS4/Xbox One, More Photorealistic Characters By End of Cycle

"Autodesk's Maya is a software application used to generate 3D assets for use in movies and game development architectures. In order to know more, GamingBolt recently got in touch with Wesley Adams who is the Games Industry Marketing Specialist at Autodesk."

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lifeisgamesok1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

I bet Gears of War 4 will be the best looking game on either next gen console

That or thinking of what 343 managed on last gen hardware Halo 5 might be the best

Microsoft's job listing for Gears indicate they are going for photo realistic graphics

People seem to quickly forget how Microsoft created the best application programming interface in the past with Directx and it'll continue to lead this gen

GarrusVakarian1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

There's definitely a chance of Gears looking the best, Gears 3 still looks amazing to this day. That being said, I'd put my money on Uncharted 4 holding the crown for a good while, like it did last gen.

I'm already impressed by what these consoles can do from games such as Infamous SS, Ryse and Killzone SF. To think they are only going to improve makes me very happy. Can't wait to see facial tech from studio's like Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream and Remedy.

Muffins12231686d ago

I mean for this 2 years?Yea uncharted will probably be the best looking but by the end I think it will be the next GTA game(gta 5 already feels next gen to me i just wounder what future installments will do).

alexkoepp1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

I agree with OP, after seeing what 343i managed to do with Halo last gen I am super stoked to see what they'll do on vastly more powerful hardware.

Gears set the standard last gen with the first real "next gen" graphics of the time, and the unreal engine did very well for a few years until the end where games on the UE3 really started to look aged (BioShock Inifinite, yuck!!)

I'm also pretty satisfied with Killzone/Ryse, I think the studios who strive for great graphics are going to do incredible things this cycle.

salmon_slapped1686d ago

I also feel when you take everything into consideration the next gears could be the best. Like you said GOW 3 still looks amazing to this day and there's plenty of destruction and some gruesome dismemberments. So when the graphics are upgraded even more it could be overwhelming.

But I also agree that either Uncharted 4 or the order will hold the crown for quite some time

GameNameFame1686d ago

Halo and Gears will great, but it will be no where near PS4 exclusives.

It is not about the devs, it is about the hardware. You cant magically ignore 50 percent power gap just like how games are mostly Sub HD on Xbox One.

Septic1686d ago

Ye Uncharted will be the one I would put my money on.

Gears games have been amazing too. The first Gears game truly kicked off next-gen. I still remember when my uni mate came to the living room when we played Gears on release day (he wasnt that big into consoles at the time) and was like "HOLY S***! HOW THE ****?!"

But Uncharted...even my dad was impressed. And trust dad HATES gaming with a passion. You know when he's praised a game its done something right.

And funnily enough he had the same reaction to TLOU. Its like hes a ND fanboy.

So yeah...listen to my dad. Naughty Dog is where you should put your money and faith into when it comes to visuals.

Farsendor11686d ago

hopefully ND surprises us with a new ip sort of like they did last of us.

betting new ip will be hard to match.

georgeenoob1686d ago


What happened last gen? Wasn't PS3 much more powerful than 360? Also, DX12 will push developers to the limit, and if the cloud compute is in fact true, the XB1 will have the best graphics possible.

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stuna11686d ago

Sometime I think you know when it's best to keep your comments to yourself, but just like clockwork your brain gets instant diarrhea! Time and time again Sony 1st party studio games trump other console games as far as visual fidelity, art direction and graphical presentation, which is supported by the long list of various awards presented to them.

I'm not saying Gears of Wars will be a ugly game by any means, but just for comparison sake, it hasn't even been able to trump Halo which is on the same platform, but yet you think or even believe it will be better looking than any other game on the competitors console that proven to handle most multiplats better technically and visually as well as have visually striking exclusives, this just proves that some people can be delusional and never realize it.

Pogmathoin1686d ago

Yes, you try to sound clever, but not really. Clearly the better design console will eventually look the best, Riddick on Xbox blew away everything on PS2.... But its a stupid argument.... As long as the addictive, and looks good, I do not care.... When playing a visually awesome game, i still do not pause and take it all in.... I play it!

stuna11686d ago


Just by what you used comparison wise is proof you have no idea what you're saying! A Ps2 and Xbox comparison.....really? Of course it looked better! More powerful machine, also first HD machine as well. Coupled with releasing a year later these all played a role as to games looking better on the Xbox, but the good that did them in the overall picture concerning things! Which is why a whole fanbase was left holding tthe bag. The sad thing about that scenario is... it repeated itself the past generation with anemic support for the Xbox 360.

So now we arrive here at the here and now and considering the circumstances the possibility of a threepeat is very real indeed.

As of now the Xbox1 is being outclassed in every area where it matters ; VALUE, TECHNICAL SPECS and, GAMES. It really is irrelevant what games they are, 1st, 2nd, 3rd party or Independent, Microsoft and the Xbox1 are on the short end of that stick! And just because you choose to settle for less doesn't mean I have to settle for less with you.

What funny is how some try to explain away differences when over 7 million people seem to realise those differences and their purchases are a testament to that undeniable fact.

MysticStrummer1686d ago

"People seem to quickly forget how Microsoft created the best application programming interface in the past with Directx and it'll continue to lead this gen"

Probably because the best looking exclusives last generation were on PS3.

bandit9051686d ago

yeah im with you on that cause i remember seeing gears 1 for the first time on 360 and i was blown away....hands down
one of the best looking games of last gen

ShwankyShpanky1686d ago

Penello's N4G account revealed.

mikeslemonade1686d ago

Just because Gears 1 was the first knock your socks off last gen good graphics game doesn't mean it will do anything special.

Show me don't tell me.

Right now X1 has underperformed it's price tag. While PS4 has justified it's price tag. Reason being I can spend on a lesser price PC and outperform and run 1080p 70frames Titanfall. While the PC in comparison to PS4 it's gotta $450 to outperform the PS4 and that's not including exclusives.

synistatha11686d ago

hahahahahahahah lmao hahahaha I hope you wasnt serious with that statement. hahaha that's a good one. I swear you xbox fanboys are real funny you should go into comedy I think that's your calling in life.

jessupj1686d ago

I'm sure gears4 will be a great looking game, but lets come back to reality for a moment.

The PS4 has significantly better hardware. The gap isn't "small" or "slightly" as some people like to try to downplay. The hardware gap is large.

So common sense tells us the PS4 will have the best looking exclusives.

And going off past history, ND are going to be the ones to blow our minds.

If you're so concerned with having the best graphics on consoles, I suggest you buy a PS4 and save yourself some heartache.

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KonsoruMasuta1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

It will be like every gen. Any game coming out in the first couple of years will not be able to hold a candle to what comes out in the last few years.

I remember when I thought GTA IV and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was as good as it was going to get on last gen.

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chrissx1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Ps4 will release the best looking console games this gen due to superior hardware which is dev friendly

mkis0071686d ago

better specs, easier dev time, proven devs...can't find any reason why you would be wrong.

Remy_S1686d ago

Xbots can't handle the truth.

jessupj1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

People can no longer say this site is infested with sony fanboys after getting 12 agrees and 16 disagrees for that truthful comment.

frankdrebin721685d ago

yet driveclub the game that was delayed is 1080p 30fps??
forza 1080p and 60 fps.
now before you cite downgrades, would forza look with the same dev time driveclub had??
yet sony fanatics claim it only got 1080p 60fps anddidnt look good,..yet the fabled 50% more ps4 power cannot hit 60fps with a high profile title,..yet i am sure this would be fine,..but if forza was same then you would all cry its not 60fps.
a racing sim needs to be 60 i have noticed this quotes a lot.
50% more power on PAPER,.. its how its used that counts,.bit like your tackle old bean.
Superior hardware??..cmon, friendly,..dosent look that way for driveclub now does it??Said previously,.the multi plats thats been released,..sure there was a difference,..but devs didnt get access to xbox one kits till late in the game,..lets see what happens come e3, either way its win win win for gamers no matter what console they own, agree?

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ELpork1686d ago

My digital locker will only get sweeter.

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