The Top Ten Video Games Releasing in May 2014

Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "An impressive mix of indie and AAA titles, this May offers a diverse selection of games across numerous genres for video game enthusiasts to enjoy. Below, the top ten games set to release in the coming month are found. From action packed first-person shooters to deeply strategic role-playing games and plenty in between, video game fans have a long month of bunkering down, ignoring the nice weather and playing some great games ahead of them."

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MAULxx1685d ago

OH YEAH! I just paid my preorder off for Wolfenstein TNO and also preordered Drakengard 3 which comes out the same day.

Kingthrash3601685d ago

gettin ALL.....i will be broke.
transistor has been on my radar since its reveal.

miyamoto1685d ago

Oh yeah Drakengard3 on PS3 only!

MAULxx1684d ago

Yes, Drakengard 3 is PS3 only.

ThichQuangDuck1685d ago

Always Sometimes Monsters and possibly Watchdogs. Just something to keep me distracted from E3 hype

higgins781685d ago

The ONLY game I want in May...Mario Kart 8! Trust it to be the one releasing at the very end of said month. The wait is killing me, the only consolation is that I am positive - as with most 1st party Nintendo games - it is going to live up to the hype. Watch Dogs, I hope you are watching...