PlayStation App 1.70 Update For iOS Out Now, New Features Detailed

GearNuke: "PlayStation App has finally been updated to 1.70 and its new features are now officially detailed."


Update: This new update is finally out on Android. You can now update to this latest version on your Android device.

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pwnsause_returns1634d ago

so it supports tablets officialy now? sweet

pwnsause_returns1634d ago

this could also mean that update is coming super soon, maybe tonight

pwnsause_returns1634d ago

what we need now is native PS store support on the app

Mikelarry1634d ago

dont play with my emotions

WhittO1634d ago

It is prob not Sonys fault its taking longer for the update to come through on Android, maybe App store approval procedures etc are more efficient in locking down and approving app updates?

Abdou0231634d ago

No built in PSN store ?!

ITPython1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I Only wish the PlayStation app supported devices below Android 4.0, it's really lame they have such high requirements for it's use.

I, and millions of others, are still on Gingerbread (and other versions below 4.0) which means I cannot use the app whatsoever until I spend a fortune to update to a new smartphone. Which aside from the monetary loss, means a loss of many other things as well.

Money really isn't the biggest issue with me as is the features and hacks I get with Gingerbread. Such as Pdroid, which I patched into my firmware and it allows me to allow/deny all permissions of any app. And also many other root hacks that are only available on previous versions of android.

Sony seems to be out of touch when it comes to the mobile smartphone department. And are no better than the money-grubbing Apple brand who comes out with a new iPhone more frequently than the annual COD game.

Until illiterate computer users stop buying iPhones once or twice a year, this won't stop. And Google is really no better, those douchebags release new versions of android just about bi-yearly (trying to compete with Apple).

Apphail and Google need to learn a thing or two about OS's... make one AND STICK WITH IT!! At least for longer than half a year, like maybe, oh I dunno... 10 years? Instead they treat smartphone OS's like Activision does with COD... release a new one each year because the morons will gobble it up. IT NEEDS TO STOP!!!!

pheature1633d ago

technology advances quite alot, especially in the mobile phone industry.
would you rather have the tech decline or not move forward just so you can benefit? if you really want one you would buy one, not come on a forum to cry.
i am just saying, the more it updates the better for all of the industry, be it hardware or software.



Yes, tech does evolve, but do we really need a NEW OS every 6 monthes? Couldn't they just update the current OS for current phones? Are those even that new?

Just to set an example, my 2011 Galaxy Mini/Fit (it's a S5570, don't really know which name each market uses) too could run a modded latest Android version, in fact I tried it and would work no sweat, even though the official latest version is not available for it... Minf you it's not just a little outdated, this was literally one of the cheapest Android phones back in 2011, so its specs are pretty humble.

This says a lot about how much the whole smartphone tech is actually evolving, other than locking you out so you buy a new phone, there no reason to really lock later OS to specific models. OSes are not meant to be too demanding, why not leave it so anyone who can run it, left the spec checking for apps and other software? Tech could still evolve just fine and those who actually want to run demanding OSes would be still buying new, more capable hardware.

Now, I wouldn't say stick with the same OS for 10 years either, but anything under 2 years is just money grabbing. By the looks of it, they could go on 4 or 5 years with the same OSes, just updating it, and this wouldn't mean slowing technology down.

Muerte24941634d ago

I don't have an Iphone, Sony. Update the android devices.

MysticStrummer1634d ago

What version is the Android app?

WeAreLegion1634d ago

1.60.5 is the current Android version.

joeorc1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )


"What version is the Android app?"

you need just Android 4.0 or Higher

in Android the ps store connects to the web, but you can still access the store inside the App. i have been using the App for several Months, on my Phone and Tablet both by the way (non) Sony made so on my Kyocera: Torque and Posofix Tab the App run flawless.

i loaded it also on a buddy's cheap Pay as you go smartphone on a trac phone no less and the same works flawlessly on it to.

I found if the smartphone has system of Arm 7 CPU or Cortex A9 or Multi-core , 512 MB of system ram or higher and an Adreno 205 or Mali 400 GPU or Higher GPU it runs very well. So even some older smartphones even on cheap pay as you go can run the app and quite well , since it also allows you direct connect to the PS4, allows you to send voice msg's for PS4 user's and txt for PS3 user's to see, pic sending, see trophys send friend requests..its a very robust App for social networks for the Playstation platform.

this is of course as of ver 1.60.5

Ittoryu1633d ago

@joe my EVO 4G wii max with gingerbread 2.5.345 or something ran it just fine with the single core 1 Hz and 512mgs. I had to get apk but it ran it.

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DanielGearSolid1634d ago

Self Centered Bastard!

I'm eagerly awaiting it too tho lol

WeAreLegion1634d ago

Go ahead. Give it to iOS first. I don't care.

*Looks at Sony Xperia TL*

Cryptcuzz1634d ago

It is weird they would update the IOS version first, considering most, if not all, runs on Android.

I am waiting on the Xperia Z2. That phone is sick.

SniperControl1634d ago

Same here, contract on my 5h1tty S3 runs out in August, looking to get the Z2.

Azmatik1634d ago

Im geting the z2 too luckily im in canada and we get it in a week im super excited :)

madduey1634d ago

Typing this on my Z2 as we speak!
It's a big ass phone but it is awesome!

nunley331634d ago

The ios would be faster to update since it's less complicated,there's several flavors of android on different isn't unified like ios is so that's a good benefit of it but that galaxy s5 looks good though.

Elimin81634d ago

maybe it has to be approval process on both ends? Just a thought.. And my opinion this update doesn't add much and still needs aA TON of work... I have the iOS version btw... Just my thoughts.

DontShoot-Me-Bro1634d ago

Im still rocking the Z1, seeing the Z2 does make me jealous, im a sucker for new tech.

Cryptcuzz1633d ago

Yeah the Z2 is awesome and to those that have one already and or getting one soon in Canada....I'm so jealous!

I do have a Galaxy Note 3 now, but I want the premium glass front and back feel, plus the water proof feature of the Xperia Z2.

So the size isn't a problem for me at all and can't wait to own one. It would look lovely sitting next to my PS4 and KDL-55W900A TV :)

To those that own one, how is the screen size compared to the Note 3? Is it noticeably smaller?

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Minipandaninja1634d ago

Why is there a samsung galaxy S4 photo on an iOS post?

captain_slow821634d ago

Android over here no update for me :/

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