5 Comic Book Characters That Deserve Video Games

Rocksteady helped take an already popular Batman and elevate him even more with the Arkham games, and Beenox has done a fair job of keeping Spider-Man in the limelight under Activision's banner. So with the right developer and a good enough gameplay concept at the center of the game's design, there's a few characters who could really shine with the proper spotlight shown on them within the interactive entertainment market.

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maniacmayhem1724d ago

Evil Ernie and Lady Death?? Hahahaha, c'mon now...these guys are D list characters that got a sliver of popularity back in the 90's Image era. One is an Iron maiden rip off and the other got by on her huge boobs.

Just no.

avengers19781724d ago

Dead Body Road
Hit girl

Comic books that could be good video games, but if devs took time to due good games there are tons of comics that could be good video games.

MAULxx1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

My dreams of a Darth Maul video game with his own story have been shattered. There are some good comic book character video games already but certainly some deserve a good game.
I'd say Daredevil would be a good dark story for a video game as long as it's decent. There's some good games for DC characters like the Arkham games & Green Lantern. It would be cool if we could get a game for each character & then merge them all into a justice league game.

waltyftm1724d ago

Some cool choices, but i want an open world the Maxx game.

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The story is too old to be commented.