Nintendo Doesn't Need A Press Conference At E3 2014 Anyway

While Nintendo is once again opting for a digital media briefing at E3 this year, what they have planned is even better than a standard press conference.

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thecastroregime1636d ago

My favorite thing about Nintendo is how willing they are to not care about what the competition is doing and go off with their own things. Nintendo Directs have been working for them, I'm sure this will too.

ape0071636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

and that's exactly why the wii turned on the core and why the wiiu failed in sales big time in an expanding market which add insult to injury

if nintendo fans keep saying that that is their favorite thing.........god help us, that's damage control at its finest

look im no nintendo hater, look at my avatar, a true gamer never bashes nintendo games but let's have some REAL TALK, damage controlling and sugar coating won't do a thing, look at what xbox fans did when with the DRM stuff, nuff said

Nintendo NEED a big E3 event, imagine a new zelda revealed in a direct.....LoL, a live E3 show give them a big time feel

ChickeyCantor1636d ago

Wii didnt turn on the core. It was the bandwagon of "OMG GFX HD GAMING HORSE POWERRRRR NO GOOD ONLINE" that created a nasty stigma. Even though Wii had some excellent games. It just lacked huge support to get a big library out of it. Even if Nintendo threw money at the developers you'd just get an on rail [insert triple A game franchise]

As for Wii U, it was the lack of games, not so much their lack of presentations at E3( Their nintendoland presentation was horrid, i can still feel the disappointment). Don't forget there is also Miiverse where people can look up information about games. And their Nintendo Direct seem to be more effective as they are doing it trough out the whole year and not just on one event.

For gamers E3 practically became irrelevant when Internet moved on to a more sophisticated platform(youtube, twitter, facebook, N4G!, etc).
Gamers look up game news anyway. You don't need E3 for that. Yet for some reason everyone is hyping E3. E3 only seems to be relevant to the press and developers/investors, other than that you don't need E3. Nintendo's direct on smash bros is a prime example of that.

ape0071636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

yeah gamecube + hardware, tons of shovelware, crappy online service, lack of 90% of great 3rd party titles, yeah that is sure a bandwagon and not legit reasons.....


comment like that make me think, human emotion/fanboysim can literally mask the truth 100%

ChickeyCantor1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

"yeah gamecube + hardware, tons of shovelware, crappy online service, lack of 90% of great 3rd party titles"

That's exactly what I said in my first line.
Comprehensive reading is hard, isn't it?

"comment like that make me think, human emotion/fanboysim can literally mask the truth 100%"
So does your comprehension capabilities it seems.

It's still a bandwagon because people do not give it the benefit of the doubt, like i said it had some great games.

I'm also glad you were able to address the rest of my point. "LULZ"

AngelicIceDiamond1636d ago

@Ape Wellsaid.

I am a real Xbox fan and I don't sugar coat allot of the dumb things MS tends to do. I let them have it when they mess up.

If you REALLY enjoy the console and REAL fan of the console then you tell it like it is. Because as a fan YOU ultimately know whats best for the console and you want whats best.

Sugar coating and downplaying, pointing fingers, making excuse is not a definition of a real fan.

FaceBook, Tweet, Email Nintendo and get some answers as consumer and a fan of Nintendo products.

Because making excuses and downplaying everything will keep Nintendo how they are.

That's why MS is said to have a much needed repackaged E3 and will come huge with the games. Because as fan I did my part in changing the vision of Xbox.

thecastroregime You can still do the same with Nintendo. Just tell it like it is.

ChickeyCantor1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

"Because as fan I did my part in changing the vision of Xbox. "

I'm sorry but what a delusional statement. MS screwed up big time with their policies that did not bode well for them. Of course they need to push extra hard to get the attention back. Same thing with Nintendo who needs to show off more games to make their product more attractive. (However you do NOT need E3 for this)

You're basically saying "They want to sell their product, so they are gonna throw their big guns at us".

Well yeah, no sh*t. How else would you sell your product?

Realplaya1636d ago

Don't you watch e3 online? Can't you watch the Nintendo direct online? So what's the deal you can still see it.

marloc_x1636d ago

I would say Wii U has a very respectable attach rate for the install base and it is still growing. With a blur of video game consoles coming out, (80's crash anyone?), what makes a machine stand out? If an expanding market means copy and pasting the same machine across several companies, I will choose Ninty every time..

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mhunterjr1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Not caring about the competition is a horrible business strategy... Especially when the competition is doing a much better job at pleasing consumers. Not really something to be admired.

L0YD1636d ago

Yeah, worked so well last year!

AngelicIceDiamond1636d ago

"My favorite thing about Nintendo is how willing they are to not care about what the competition is doing and go off with their own things."

I love that about Nintendo as well but what does that mean for us?

At least with the Wii they had a clear vision and it was motion controlled gaming. The Wii U doesn't have a clear vision. What happen to Kirby, Metroid, Project X, next gen Zelda etc. Maybe those will get announced as surprises?

SSM is is great and they will be at the show floor giving out additional announcements, game event's and tourneys and Nintendo Directs.

But they won't be addressing the general public on really anything, anything new and ground breaking as far as we know.

It just means Nintendo isn't doing anything in grand scheme of the gaming space.

Man, I was really looking forward to Nintendo showing up for a big event though.

I'll still check up on the directs I guess in case they surprise with big announcements.

coltlokk1636d ago

It's not a direct. It's a digital event. I think there is a reason they didn't simply call it E3 Direct. It's probably going to be different than a regular direct.

Is it weird that I'm even more excited for Nintendo's E3? I mean, I can't go to E3, so if they're streaming everything online live, I can actually watch it live for the first time ever.

oricon1636d ago

Nintendo Direct is a better than the press conference because it allows for them to showcase stuff to the world, rather than focus on american audience, like the last e3 we were able to get release dates for each region, japan, america and europe unlike the typical conference which is just american information.

ritsuka6661636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

All Nintendo fans is going to be watching it anyway, so no it really doesn’t matter cause the average gamer not even know what is ”E3”

Chris5581636d ago

nintendo defense force always amazes me how much they can take until they give up on their precious nintendo? relying on gimmick selling outdated overpriced hardware with nonexistant online structure dat denial

coltlokk1636d ago

It's not overpriced if its selling at a loss.

If you play games that don't use the wii u gamepad, is it still a gimmick? Think of motion control/ second screen as an alternative fun option, rather than a forced gimmick. There are games where you just use the pro controller.
I mostly use the gamepad as a regular controller and don't do any of the motion/second screen stuff, so it doesn't really feel like a gimmick (except when I use it as a TV remote)

Online structure still needs improvement though. Glad it's free.

Chris5581636d ago

coltlokk its free because it is non-existant and i would buy a wii u for 100€ less without the tablet controller that is what is holding me back from buying

3-4-51636d ago

So Nintendo is like the Punk Rock of Video games.

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XiNarutoUzumaki1636d ago

They don't need it because the Wii U is selling so well.
oh wait....

Chrono1636d ago

They have nothing new to show.

from the beach1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

As a home viewer it doesn't really matter to me whether I'm watching a pre-recorded presentation or a stage show. Might be a bit disappointed if I was going to E3 though.

Obamanationn1636d ago

its a snub at their supporters

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