Can the New Mario Kart 8 Save Nintendo's Wii U?

The struggles of Nintendo's Wii U console have been well documented. The company held fast to pie-in-the-sky sales projections despite all evidence to the contrary, finally cutting the projections before the earnings release that would reveal the console's real figures (leading to not only an apology, but also pay cuts for key executives). Many wrote the console off early, and signs point to it merely being a footnote in the history of gaming.

There is a small glimmer of hope, however. Even though it's unlikely that anything could make the console a major hit at this point, there are a few potential "must have" games with the potential to grow Wii U sales. One of these, Mario Kart 8, is set to be released on May 30. Will people buy a Wii U just to play the latest "Mario Kart" game, though?

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izumo_lee1632d ago

It'll definitely give the Wii U a much need kick start there is no doubt but 'save' is a strong word.

Though a single game can turn around a system very quickly and be the catalyst. Games like Tetris on the original Gameboy, Super Mario Bros on the NES, Wii Fit for the Wii, Sonic for the Genesis, Halo for Xbox, Final Fantasy 7 for the PSone. All these game boosted sales for their respective consoles so it could happen.

Thatguy-3101632d ago

But like you said "Save" is a strong word. I don't think a single title can save a system. It's going to give it the much needed boost that it needs but save it? Don't think so

randomass1711632d ago

Mario Kart 7 is part of what saved the 3DS. There's that to consider.

deafdani1632d ago

Almost all of these games you listed were launch titles, though. :P

And Wii Fit wasn't a launch game, but Wii Sports was, and it played a crucial role in the Wii's success, you can bet on that. :P

Chrischi19881632d ago

OMFG, how many of these did we already have? And I mean, with Mario Kart 8 in the title? What is the dumb problem of these people? Unbelieveable...


I think so, too. It will definetly help, but it wont do magic. That haters always want to hurt the Wii U like this, like one game could. I can clearly see it, mark my words, after Mario Kart 8 launch, people will shout, how Nintendo is in big trouble, because Mario Kart did not do magic... Like we do not already know that. I really am sick and tired of these insecure fanboy journalists, who make these articles, just to be cool or to do the same stuff other dumb journalists do.

3-4-51632d ago

Word of mouth is pretty big for games, and so I think once words spreads from the people who initially buy it or play it, more people will take notice and will then buy a Wii U for this game and maybe a few others.

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lilbroRx1632d ago

The Wii U doesn't need saving, it just needs games and better marketing.

So long as it turns a profit in the end, its a success.

higgins781632d ago

THIS. It currently has the games - more wouldn't hurt I agree but quality, REAL quality doesn't show up every month...quantity never really makes amends, particularly when looking back with fond memories. I don't even necessarily agree better marketing is what is required, the Gamecube (to my memory) never had great marketing but left me nothing but great games, wonderful memories!

Multiplatgamer19851632d ago

Is it possible to have a Wii U article that doesn't start with "The struggles of Nintendo's Wii U console have been well documented" or "it's no secret Wii U isn't doing well in sales yada yada yada" it's getting kinda boring now.

OT It will be an abundance of excellent exclusives and a big marketing campaign that will "save the Wii U"
Nintendo is big enough, rich enough and experienced enough to blow the competition away, they really need to bring it at e3, I don't care about sales, give me some more quality games and I'll be happy, bring back starfox, metroid,fzero, Nintendo have so many Ip's to choose from.

Can't wait to see all the new Ip's Nintendo have to offer at e3. Nintendo needs to Dominate.

Anon19741632d ago

So, because it's been said before articles shouldn't talk about it? What if the readers of the article aren't following the markets, or the state of Nintendo financially of the past few years, or sales of the Wii-U? If the article didn't give a bit of a background, those people wouldn't have a clue what was being discussed and why.

And for the record, the article doesn't claim that Nintendo can't get through this. They're simply discussing the short term. Right at the end they comment that Nintendo has more than enough money to ride this out, but they can't continue doing what they're doing now and expect that it'll just all magically fall into place in the end. That's insanity, and the market is forever changing.

choujij1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

If Nintendo holds true and keeps their killer games coming, eventually sales will have to pick up if people want their Mario Kart, Smash, Zelda, Metroid, Starfox, etc. Maybe one or two titles won't be enough, but as I said, if they keep the games coming they will sell. I know people who are waiting until their favorite franchises release, cause they don't see the point buying the system in advance and risk losing $50-$100 when price drops hit. They would rather buy at the most convenient time. And since Nintendo doesn't have a history of giving up on their systems, I think any doom and gloom talk is really just sensational journalism.

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