Nintendo may be drowning, but it's invested in doing so silently

Nintendo is hurting. The Wii U isn’t selling, it’s lacking mainstream publisher acceptance, and the core Nintendo titles don’t seem to be energizing the company’s base of fans. Product lines are being bifurcated in uncomfortable ways; the latest Smash Bros. is coming to the 3DS line of consoles first, and will then hit the Wii U console later.

The business has turned stagnant, even if the company’s new releases remain highly-polished and fun. Sadly, that just isn't enough when you're fighting more powerful systems with better developer support, better outreach to press and fans and of course the mobile market chipping away at your market share.

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ritsuka6661632d ago

All doom and gloom articles should just disappear. We've got enough of those already is not even funny anymore.

Anon19741632d ago

From the article..."Nintendo has the cash reserves and IP needed to stay alive for a very long time. We shouldn’t be worried about the company’s possible death."

Doom and gloom? Was there some point in the article where you didn't agree with the points they raised regarding concerns for Nintendo's short term future? I read the same article and I certainly didn't find it "doom and gloom" although they did raise some valid concerns regarding Nintendo's current performance versus their competition. Did I miss something?

InTheLab1632d ago

I don't agree with anything coming out of Polygon. Site should be banned.

Anon19741632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Wow. Ok there, Big Brother.

You know, if there's something in particular that you find fault with in the article, rather than going all "BAN EM!" you could share your thoughts with the community to facilitate discussion between gamers that are interested in the topic. Just a thought.

Edit: Wow. Disagrees from those who hate freedom of speech and game related debate among like minded gamers. Alright then. Quick question, what are you disagrees doing on the site if you don't like gamer discussion? Kinda like Mormons hanging out in bars, isn't it?

RPGrinder1632d ago

Nintendo is not drowning

maniacmayhem1632d ago

Drowning in billions of money!

Anon19741632d ago

Yeah, the article also says that Nintendo has lots of cash and isn't going anywhere. Thanks for coming out.

lilbroRx1632d ago

Doesn't matter.

It has a click bait headline and that is never acceptable.

maniacmayhem1632d ago

Yup, the article says it and I said it too.

Would you kindly put me back on ignore.

fonger081632d ago

And yet swimming in billions is still a vaild point...

Anon19741632d ago

Done and done! I didn't take you off, actually, but I did click out of curiosity to remember why I put you on ignore in the first place. I should trust my own judgement that if I put someone on ignore, it's because I'm not interested in seeing their insightful contributions to the conversations, such as your's above.

Now if N4G would just stop sending notifications every time someone I've put on ignore responds to my comments. It'd be nice if, once ignored, you just never had to hear that user's name again.

Maybe one day.

maniacmayhem1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Darkride, I have never seen anyone on N4G moan, cry and pout like a huge man-baby as much as you do.

Don't like people responding to your super troll bait articles you submit, can't handle the responses it receives? Then stop submitting them if you have the urge to constantly respond to every single comment that disagrees with the troll bait you cast out in the ocean.

Stop acting like some patriot of freedom and getting all butt hurt whenever people disagree with the slop you submit.

ape0071632d ago

Nintendo CONSOLE may be drowning*

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The story is too old to be commented.