Continue-Play's Suikoden 2 Retrospective Review

Continue Play's Brian Kale takes a look back at Suikoden 2 RPG, developer Konami's second game in the classic Suikoden franchise for PS1.

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Lucreto1660d ago

It is a crime this is not on the store yet.

It is a must buy for any JRPG fan.

gamejediben1660d ago

Far and away the best RPG of all time. And also a grim reminder that only a handful of people have actually played it... If you love RPGs and you haven't played this masterpiece, here's what you guys have been missing out on:


The almost Shakespearean tale of 3 friends that end up on different sides of a brutal war. And if you want to talk about villains, Kefka and Sephiroth have got nothing on Luca Blight who is the most evil bastard to ever star in an RPG. I have so much to say about the story but I'd be spoiling it for you. You don't need to play the first Suikoden, just jump straight into Suikoden II and experience the awesome!


The finest 2D graphics I've ever seen in an RPG. Konami took what worked in Chrono Trigger and FFVI and greatly expanded it.


Simply some of the best music to ever grace an RPG. I still listen to some of these tunes on my IPOD.


Traditional turn based combat! Double team attacks! 108 recruitable characters! A massive Castle to build! An enormous world map and lots of side quests! What more could an RPG enthusiast want?

The only bad thing that can be said about this game is that almost no one has played it. And that is entirely Konami's fault. It costs about $160 to buy a copy and Konami still hasn't put it up on PSN for download.

This game simply needs to be played.

Ultraplayerxp1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

You forgot the chess-style RTS. But yeah, you said everything that needed to be said. S2 is still the best gaming experience I have ever had. It was like a Russian novel, and every bit as immersive. In a way, I think it spoiled me for other rpgs because I inevitably compare them to the experience I had with this game and they all come short.