How Xbox One could finally fight back against PS4

Something needs to change with Microsoft’s Xbox One strategy.

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corvusmd1634d ago

Well technically it already is. It may be a long road ahead, but XB1 sales are growing and/or staying steady in the US/UK...the two major markets, and have been for the last month or two, where as in those same markets PS4 has actually seen a downward trend. Either way, I really don't care as long as it stays competitive the whole gen. It's only been 5 months, a lot can happen, but it appears that with tech advances on the horizon, dev starting to make better games even without the new drivers and such, looking to expand markets and services, have and looking to flex a more powerful network, and the fact that they are opening new studios/creating new IPs/ and looking to build a strong game line-up...all show that they are taking steps in the right direction. Anything past the game library build up is just icing on the cake

Christopher1634d ago

Due to huge price cuts and loss of money.

It is fighting back, but it's losing money in the process. Luckily, MS has the money to lose and they're hoping to make that money back in software sales.

I'm not sure how it will turn out in the long run, though.

georgeenoob1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Nope. Revenue is up 45%. MS are making plenty of money from hardware, software, and Xbox live. Every single shareholder who has taken an interest in the company since 2007 has seen profit generated by Xbox, and with revenue up 45% it's position is stronger than ever. Sure it's not selling more than PS4, but it doesn't have to.

Phil Spencer made it perfectly clear that AAA exclusives will be strongly emphasized to drive the most success possible. Which is exactly what XB1 owners want to hear.

PS fans think MS is like, "well, we're not selling more than PS4 time to sell Xbox to Amazon". No, it's the exact opposite. This will make them deliver AAA exclusives even harder to make sure they come out on top.

Christopher1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

@georgenoob: Revenue does not equal profit. While they are taking in 45% more money than last quarter due to a new console (no-brainer here), they are losing more money on the cost of said sales and marketing. They are not making a profit off of said revenue.

Please learn the difference.

scott1821634d ago

Also Titanfall being free helped along with the price drop. Sony doesn't need to do anything to counter at this point.

Sethry1011634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Sure MS may push out more exclusives to try and increase Xbox one sales, BUT 3rd party developers will turn to PS4 as they look to release on the larger install base.

Developers and publishers want to make money, there for they will focus on the larger install base to have the largest chance of sale.

With the rumours of MS telling developers that if they want to release on Xbox One they have to make the game equal on all platforms, you will find many developers who are not to eager to work with them.

The quality parity clause may only be rumour, but the release parity clause is fact, and has already pushed developers away;

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GrandpaSnake1633d ago

I am willing to accept that somehow the xbox division is still in the game and very healthy as a company but compared to the kind of comeback the ps4 has established it really doesn't compare. The kind of comeback I see the xbox doing is substantial but in the end if I was a betting man and i had to choose, it is easy to see the favorite.

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JMyers1633d ago

@ Georgenoob...

Revenue does NOT equal profit. Its total sales in monetary terms. The same release from MS stated that MARGIN is down. Margin equals profit.

For example The Xbone is now £100 less than when it launched, with TitanFall. So more sales, but less profits or margin earned from these sales... Understand?

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SoapShoes1634d ago

And just where are you getting your figures from? PS4 isn't on a downward trend anywhere, due to increase in availability it is actually on the rise. XB1 sales grew for a month because of a big release but Sony's grew as well. It hasn't been a downward trend for either of them except in January when sells naturally fall off.

avengers19781634d ago

Every month PS4 sells more consoles than XB1, so if it's 7 million to 4.5 million and PS4 continues to outsell XB1 by 50,000 a month the PS4 lead continues to grow, just look at march NPD numbers PS4 sold 60,000 more than XB1, and that's just America. For XB1 to catch up they have to sell more units per month.

Foxhound9221634d ago

All the while Sony is increasing production and can't keep up with demand, and MS is slowing down production because it has hundreds of thousands of unsold consoles sitting on shelves. With the massively hyped Titanfall bundle, and a price cut in key regions, still couldn't even match the PS4 in its home turf.

MS will have no chance at catching Sony this gen, it's nearly impossible. Now this doesn't mean that there won't be awesome exclusives and experiences on the X1 thoughout the generation. The fact of the matter is that Sony will be the leader in graphics and sales this generation, the sooner these meaningless facts are accepted, the easier peoples' lives are going to be.

If you like X1 exclusives and you get an Xbox then great! It's just sad people try and claim that sales and graphics are required to have a good time playing video games. Just give it up

troylazlow1634d ago

Sony raised their price in Canada by $50 so an X1(Game included) is now cheaper than a PS4. what a crazy world we live in...

Patrick_pk441634d ago

And it still sells like hot cakes over the Xbone. Thank god, I got mine a week before the price raise.

avengers19781634d ago

Canadian retailers raised the price, not Sony.

troylazlow1631d ago

No Sony raised the prices because the price of the Xbox One hasn't changed Now I see a $450 PS4 next to a $500 Xbox One

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lifeisgamesok1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Once people realize that the consoles are very similar and the games will be the deciding factor then Microsoft will be in great shape

$1,000,000,000 for exclusive games
New studios
Phil Spencer leading
Directx 12 and its ability to multiple draw calls

It's exciting to see what's ahead for Xbox One owners

@globeofgamers Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza, Titanfall, Killer Instinct, Max: ATCOFB, Peggle 2, PvZ

globeofgamers1634d ago

So far both consoles are lacking games, so...

cfc781634d ago

Just put Phil Spencer and Shuhei Yoshida in a ring and lets settle it.

SoapShoes1634d ago

^ Phil would spin his loss so hard... He'd be like, "I lost my vision and consciousness, but I was fine the entire time and in some ways even won the fight." lmao

Christopher1634d ago

Why do people try and sell Peggle 2 and PvZ and similar games as big games for the consoles. When you do that, you bring into light that the competitor has a ton more games of similar quality on their console. Don't you realize that?

incendy351634d ago

I wish PS4 had games as good as Peggle 2 and PVZ.

Immorals1634d ago

Peggle 2 has the most play time out of all my xb1 games.. Peggle had the most on my 360.

Enjoying pvz, too. Show me any game on the ps4 that is as addictive, easy to play and fun for a group of people like peggle 2 is.

Christopher1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

@incendy35: According to Metacritic (both pro and user reviews), it does, as well as many games better than them.

Your personal opinion being your own, don't discount the popular opinion as being lesser.

xHeavYx1634d ago

Because that's all the ammo they have, but if you try to bring up good quality Indie games, all of the sudden these don't count and the PS4 has "no games"

MightyNoX1634d ago

@incendy: PS4 could do better than that---- PVZ on PS4 on EA's E3 conference. Won't you feel like an idiot then?

scott1821634d ago

Non AAA games are only cool and selling points if they are on Xbox.

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SoapShoes1634d ago

If you're going to be citing Killer Instinct, Max, Peggle, or PvZ then you have no right to dismiss games like Knack or Outlast. rofl

avengers19781634d ago

So max, Peggle, and PvZ count, but outlast, don't starve, resogun, contrast, dead nation, and mercenary kings don't count, ok got it.

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Ghost_Nappa1634d ago

I have an xbox one and consider ryse to be an embarassment. Can we please stop putting it in the same category as exclusives that are actually good?

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incendy351634d ago

I can tell Microsoft an easy way to win... Open the system up to all developers. Self publishing of apps and games. War over.

Xdone1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

War over! Lmaooo
Keep on dreaming mate ;-)
Actually, you should first ask MS to make xbone powerful enough to run even indie games at 1080p before talking about WAR lol.

Applejack1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

That's a horrible idea! Do you even realize how many terrible games would flood into the marketplace? Only a fool would allow that to happen and not to mention all the microtransactions that would result from it. Are you an undercover developer?

incendy351634d ago

Yes, I am a developer haha. But the flooding of the store isn't an issue. Just have to curate it well. Apple App store has hundreds of thousands of apps, but they make sure the best apps get the most visibility. Can never have too much content.

Ghost_Nappa1634d ago

And xbox 360 software emulation

Software_Lover1634d ago

There is no fight. The PS4 will sell more consoles, that's just the realization people need. That doesn't mean the XBone will end up like the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast had basically no 3rd party support. This will not happen.

Just stop it people.

MysticStrummer1634d ago

*PS and XB fans in unison*

They started it!

Godmars2901634d ago

Stop pushing the online agenda with multiplayer titles. Diversify their library with more than FPS and PC based games, which is pretty much the same thing at this point.

Reverse much of the damage they've done to the industry in other words.

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