PlayStation 4′s Upcoming SHAREfactory App Is Already Listed On PSN

GearNuke: "While PS4′s 1.70 firmware update hasn’t been released yet, the SHAREfactory app is already up on the official web store, although it is not downloadable yet."

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DoomeDx1637d ago

Released: April 30.

Is that the date the firmware update comes out?

KUV19771637d ago

Yes, it is the date the firmware update is announced to arrive.

ShadowKingx1637d ago

thats nice, hopefully we come confirmation today on whats in 1.7, we know some stuff, but there are some stuff that was not announced yet.

JoGam1637d ago

Hopefully they will do a walkthrough of all the new features today on the Playstation Blog.

Farsendor11637d ago

surely ps blog will have the information later today. supposed to have some really bad storms tonight hopefully ill have electricity tomorrow to download the update.

Skate-AK1637d ago

Can't wait to see what people will do with this.