How To Make Gamers Like Kinect

Kinect. A word in which most gamers scoff at, and so far, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One incarnations have come in for heavy criticism. Mainly due to it’s inaccuracy and a lack of good games.

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LackTrue4K1636d ago

"How to make gamers like Kinect"

How about making in-game Kinect use!!!

No real game makes good use of it, unless it's a cheap dancing game!!

I know there are some good developers @ Microsoft but there just not bringing there "A" game to show how good/fun it can be....
And Microsoft should not expect 3th party support to show/do this for them, not until Microsoft has convinced gamers/developers otherwise.....

Dlacy13g1636d ago

The lean mechanic in BF4 actually works really well and in Forza 5 you can do a head tracking of sort but again its more of a lean mechanic. As you lean left or right into a turn the camera (in cockpit) view shifts to look into the corner as you steer into it. Again works quite well and are great uses of Kinect that get no visibility.

corvusmd1636d ago

...uh, actually have them use it. The vast majority of the complaint seem to be coming from people that have never used it (2.0 at least). You can tell simply by the fact that most of the complaints about it are the same re-hashed garbage that isn't true. That being said, I say DON'T try to make gamers like it, let them make their own decisions. In the same boat, don't try and convince people not to like it...again, let them make their own decisions.

johndoe112111636d ago

Easy, get rid of it. Don't force it. Make compelling games for it and make people want to purchase it.

mochachino1636d ago

Make it work as advertised....but that's impossible given how fictional Kinect's marketing proved.

Still waiting to scan in a skateboard and start riding, and interact with Mylo like characters in real time.

Oh well, it's a pretty decent voice command device at least.

Godmars2901636d ago

That "opportunity" was thrown away when was called Natal and MS chose silver ponchos over actual games and applications to sell the thing. Expecting 3rd parties to develop it.

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