Are Leaks Good For The Game Industry?

Leaks within the game industry are becoming more common, but are these leaks and rumors actually good for the industry despite how they go unchecked?

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miyamoto1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

they are good if they are true.

like for example the leaks for Xbox One

christrules00411724d ago

Leaks can be good and they can be bad. The Xbox One DRM situation was a disaster for Microsoft the way it went. Those rumors were floating around for a long time and after E3 last year they changed it.

Another rumor that comes to mind is Resident Evil 7. If it is true then ok another game. However from a lot of the hardcore resident evil fans 1 to 4 was a great experience but they messed up the story line and characters turning it into the action game instead of sticking to what made it popular in the first place.

There was also the patent found for Microsoft that with the kinect they could scan how many people are in the room and if there was too many people shut the movie off. Which would be just horrible.

All in all when I see anything that isn't officially announced I usually try to forget about it and keep my expectations low. If it does turn out bad then I won't be mad. But if it turns out great then I'll be all excited because I wasn't expecting it.

Jaqen_Hghar1724d ago

No. Wait until the actual announcement that way there's actual surprise and life to the E3 conferences. Hell even the Xbox stuff would have been good as a shock then MS wouldn't have had time to reverse and everyone could have enjoyed the superior system.

pheature1724d ago

I think if your anticapating a game for so long and its say 3 months before release and you get some leaked footage thats all well and good, just gets people that more excited and you would end up spreading the word which in turn would sell more copys.
but it can be bad aswell as the guy above me explained about the DRM like that shit there should either be told stright away or not told at all instead of people specualtain for months about it.

Buzz7S1724d ago

Gone are the days where you'd grab a magazine and read about the next big thing. Nowadays, some dipshit wannabe on GAF who is an "insider" spreads some crap, more of which turns out to be false.

It kills the hype. It also puts people within the industry at risk of losing their job because they wanted their 15 seconds of internet fame. Dickheads!