Watch_Dogs – Season Pass Details

Ubisoft just released a new trailer featuring the game's season pass, that will include a new campaign starring the hacker T-Bone, new missions for Aiden and more.

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Yi-Long1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

... don't like T-Bone, there's some kind of zombie-mode, a couple of extra missions, and a bunch of outfits for Aiden.

I wonder if people will bother buying a season pass for this stuff.

Also, considering they're already showing it, seems most of it is done already and has been withheld from the game with the sole intent of selling it later.

This kinda practice stops me from buying the game at full price on release. I won't support such nickel-and-diming.

medman1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

You complain they're already showing dlc content, and I'm sure you would complain if there was no new content for the game 5 months in. So how exactly can a developer win with you? Ubisoft is being quite transparent with what the season pack will include and you have a problem with that? Would you rather they just didn't show the content at all? Who does that benefit, exactly? The game seems to offer plenty of content at launch so why denigrate the developer for concurrently working on dlc to offer sooner after launch rather than later? And when you take into consideration just how long this game has been in development, I don't understand your complaints. You just can't win with some people. As for me, I appreciate knowing what is coming in the way of dlc, and the information informs my decision on whether to purchase a season pass or not. I applaud the developer for being so open with us, instead of intentionally hiding such details.

jazmac1659d ago

You're missing the matter how "transparent" they are and how informed they keep you, the fact of the matter is that the time they spent creating this Season Pass DLC (some of it day one release maybe?) would've been better invested in improving the game that comes with the original purchase especially considering how they delayed it in the first place.

This whole thing is getting way out of hand,when did it become ok for things like the Prologues (Metal Gear), pre-order bonuses at specific shops, day one DLC, season passes and re-release of games that only came out last year (tomb raider and the last of us).

But ye continue defending it and continue buying it and keep allowing these companies to add higher price tags to smaller and smaller amounts of content.

medman1659d ago

You're missing my point. Developing AAA games is not cheap. They need to make money to make more games. I don't begrudge them for doing it, times are tough all around. I would rather have transparency than the opposite. And I'm glad they are working on dlc for the game. For example, I thought the single player dlc for The Last of Us took way too long to arrive. Maybe they didn't release it because they were working on PS4 remastered version. Your comment would have more merit if you had already played Watch_Dogs and were not satisfied. But to assume you'll be dissatisfied prematurely is illegitimate, in my opinion. What exactly is the proper window to start work on dlc? What exactly is the proper window to release dlc? I'll leave that up to the developer and as always, I vote with my wallet, as should we all. According to all indications, Watch_Dogs will be a game that offers lengthy gameplay and many things for gamers to do at launch. And the fact you're complaining about an open world game that will offer plenty of hours of content compared to most other games is a bit preposterous.

jazmac1658d ago

Times are tough? ye right, they're making more money than ever. Listen to what you're saying "Maybe they didn't release it because they were working on PS4 remastered version" you could not be more blind on this issue.

So you pay for the original game you then buy the dlc and then you buy a remastered version of the same game all of this at full price and you've spent $170 on one game...ONE GAME how do you not find that ridiculous?

I'm saying DLC is a bad thing, at least in its current form. The original game itself is generally fine for content most of the time but charging you all these additional extras instead of working on the next game is what's stupid.

ge3zy691659d ago

Honestly this may be the first season pass i buy since i believe the call of duty elite failure. so i guess I'm one of those people buying. hey but good thing you're not forced so you quite literally have nothing to worry about.....
not sure how they're nickel and diming you bud...

DLConspiracy1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Looks like some sort of robot zombies or something.

markyboy21811659d ago

do u get the game b4 release date ? early access same thing as fiifa n other ea games?

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