Dying Light's RPG elements, vertical environments, and Be The Zombie

GR-UK writes: We caught up with game designer Maciej Binkowski and learnt more about Dying Light - a more mobile, mature and vertical experience than the studio's previous offering, Dead Island.

"We'd like the player to experience an adventure of going from this very simple person and becoming something better in the process, when all the challenges that the world will throw at you will definitely change you as a person," the game designer explained, before going on to give us a little insight into the game's RPG features.

"We have a number of RPG elements... There's plenty of active abilities for you to unlock, and we want each one of them to be a game changer."

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ZodTheRipper1632d ago

Still waiting for a release date ...hopefully before the peak season as I won't have enough time to enjoy the other games then :S

Palitera1632d ago

I am losing my hopes for 2014...

ramiuk11632d ago

it was MAY? then JULY?

ZodTheRipper1632d ago

Wasn't it always just "2014" without any specific month? Maybe it was summer at some point but I have to agree with Palitera, 2014 seems more unlikely with every day that passes.

Farsendor11631d ago

many outlets had early 2014 as the release date back in december and jan, wonder if that was a mistake on their part or just a place holder date.

KinjoTakemura1632d ago

Same here. I've had this game on pre-order since March. This is definitely on my must have list for the year.

Palitera1632d ago

Finally someone talking about the game again!

tigertron1632d ago

I thought it was scheduled for this month, but we haven't heard much for a while. I hope it comes out soon!