Next Bossa VR Meetup is Tonight, Producer Talks Past Speakers, Indies

VRFocus - Surgeon Simulator 2013 developer Bossa Studios is set to host its next virtual reality (VR) Meetup in London tonight. The team’s regular Meetups, held at their offices, play host to a number of speakers that tackle a range of topics surrounding the VR industry right now. A range of indie developers will also be on-hand to show off new builds of their titles with Oculus Rift headsets and, usually, some other devices too. VRFocus spoke to Bossa Studios producer Kate Bryant about the event the last time it was held, which can be seen below.

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cyclindk1685d ago

I want one that connects to the back of my neck like the mateix, no less than six inch needle connector or i am out.

egidem1685d ago

You realize what you're asking for? You'll get in, load on top of a skyscraper, only like 6 feet away from it instead of on the top, then plunge down to your death.

Choose wisely.....