Evolution: PS4 DriveClub “well worth the wait”, more info coming soon

GC - "We hardly know much about the game but that will change soon as Evolution Studios has revealed that they will be releasing more information soon."

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XiNarutoUzumaki1659d ago

You know you are not a true gamer when you complain too much about a game being delayed and when you let haters kill your excitement for a game

Speak_da_Truth1659d ago

The game looks amazing idk why ppl are fusing about the delay

ZodTheRipper1659d ago

Yes it looks amazing but I'm not so sure about the other aspects yet ....I'm expecting good driving physics, good AI, 16 cars on track, very good multiplayer (it's a "social racer" after all) and lots of engaging content in the single player modes. Also many different cars and locations are necessary to make this an overall amazing game. I still fear this might just be a "solid racer" in the end but I'm excited to see it's development.

emad-E-three1659d ago

A delayed fully polished completed game way better than a ruched broken game like Battlefield sadly so I prefer the wait over wasted money!

Farsendor11658d ago

has to be a reason for them showing no more than 1 car at a time during events of 2013. game might have been virtually unplayable with more than one vehicle on the track.

anyways im still looking forward to this game and people need to calm down on the delay. it was a good thing

GodlyPanda1171659d ago

1080p confirmed already and I would like to see either a locked 30fps or steady/stable 60fps. *crosses fingers*

GarrusVakarian1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Not to be Mr.Negativity, but I think this game will be 30fps. I just can't see it having visuals on that level AND 60fps.

But if im wrong, i will eat my socks via livestream.


I don't think they ever gave a specific reason why it was delayed, did they? As i said, i could be wrong, i hope im wrong. 60fps would be great.

XiNarutoUzumaki1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

If it's as smooth as Infamous Second Son, then it will be smooth enough.

Crystallis1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

but I thought the main reason why they delayed it was because it was 30fps to get it to 60fps?

mkis0071659d ago

I could have sworn they said they were trying to get to 60...a year delay has to be a good amount of time to work that out.

WeAreLegion1659d ago

I'm so excited! I haven't been this excited for a racing game since the first Motorstorm.

curtis921659d ago

I want this game so badly but not going to lie, the release date was a mild gut punch. Almost year delay after all is said and done. I just don't see how that happens. But man that trailer is something to chew on tho.

jhoward5851659d ago

I was a little impatience when I heard drive club was pushed back. But after seeing the new DC trailer I'm glad it was pushed back. It looks great.

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