Video Game Bad Guys I Felt Bad For Defeating

(Zach Garvey) When playing video games, you are often poised against someone/something that you need to defeat in order to progress through the story and usually these enemies have certain character traits that make them ‘evil’ so that we have a motivation to defeat them. Occasionally, though, there are those enemies who, once defeated, leave me with a slight feeling of regret which is slightly unorthodox. I’m going to go through some enemies that I felt sorry for once defeating and, hopefully, so did you.

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rarity1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

The thirteenth colossus mad feel bad it didn't even try to attack me I feel guilty to this day...

crimsonfox1684d ago

No "The Boss" Pssh, I know she wasn't a "bad guy" but we didn't know that till the end of the game. Twist of fate on my emotions.

modesign1684d ago

i would of had bowser, and ganandorf, they were just trying to get princess poon.

cfc781684d ago

The tyrant and nemesis,maybe resident evil would be different had they lived on.

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