Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition is still coming, Sony confirms

Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition, a free to download version of the game for PS Plus subscribers, will still be released, despite the extended delay for the game, Sony has confirmed to VideoGamer.

"Yes, the PlayStation Plus version is still happening," a Sony spokesperson confirmed.

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Chris0921637d ago

That's good to hear the PS+ version is still cooming :)

fardan851637d ago

I look forward to it.
I want a Dodge Viper in it, I want to pull of some awesome drifts. A photo mode will be a great addition to record the awesome drift.

Crazyglues1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Yeah that is good to hear, I thought for sure they were just going to skip it...

So that is good news, would love to check it out first, even though I think I will just end up buying all the cars.. -Because the game really looks amazing..

Let's hope it plays as good as it looks..

Would love to have an option to just take your fav. car (Mine: Mclaren 650s spider) out of the garage and drive it out to some open road and just race.. Just drive down that road enjoying the curves and the road just hearing the engine racing.. -just you and road to set your best time / hope there's an option like this in the game.

Like how you could race the numbering in GT5 all by your self just to see what time you could do it in.

Can't wait for this game.. -
-Please add a photo mode like in second son.. would be so awesome

||.........___||............ ||

ocnkng1637d ago

Awesome! Keep it up Sony!!

TimeSkipLuffy1637d ago

Of course. Sony don't want their loyal subscribers to burn them since this title should have been the launch PS+ title for the PS4...

LetoAtreides821637d ago

Good move Sony. I will definitely try out the PS Plus version first.

Kurisu1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Same here, if it's still a PS+ game when I get a PS4.

EDIT: Just seen the release date announcement. Coming October, I'm planning to get PS4 around November time so hopefully it will be.

fenome1637d ago

If you're already a PS+ subscriber you can add the PS4 games to your download list so you don't miss out on them and then you can just download them once you get a PS4 :)

I've been putting all the Vita games in my download list since I've been a PS+ subscriber and I don't even have a Vita yet. I'm gonna have a huge game collection the minute I get one though!

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The story is too old to be commented.