Dreamfall Dev: Sony Team Is Proactive, Microsoft Is Not

Ragnar Tørnquist, creator of Dreamfall and The Secret World, explains that the Sony team has been great with them, contrarily to Microsoft.

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Concertoine3710d ago

Ouch. MS needs to improve relations with developers, the last thing they need is bad press from someone other than themselves.
Im being harsh, but i should mention that they are doing better lately.

Gazondaily3710d ago

"Unfortunately the same can’t be said for @ID_Xbox. We’ve been having a really difficult time getting any response from @Microsoft."

Get your act together Microsoft. Actions speak louder than words. Sentiments like this simply should not exist if you keep touting how you are now supporting indies.

maniacmayhem3710d ago

It seems to me that for every dev that does praise the ID_Xbox and changes made we get one that doesn't.

Lets be honest here, MS can't get back to every single dev in the world, some will slip through the cracks. And for these little devs to tweet some inconsistencies between companies and especially MS is not only unprofessional but it seems to be the popular thing to do.

NewMonday3710d ago

hope Sony is "proactive" enough to bring over Yakuza Ishin

Anon19743710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

That's been our experience as well getting setup with the @ID_Xbox program. Sony contacted us almost immediately after we filled out our initial applications and our manager walked us through all the forms necessary to become a registered developer. The communication was great and they were very hands on to get us setup and I don't think I ever had to wait more than a few hours for a response when I've had any questions thus far.

Contrast this to the @ID_Xbox program, we filled out the initial application for developer status back when it was first launched. Nothing happened for two months. Then we received a form letter inviting us to some event in Chicago. This was the first communication we had and we still had no idea if we were accepted into the program or anything about it. In the months following all we've ever received have been the monthly newsletters (usually starting with an apology from MS that processing applications is taking so long) and invites to events in other countries. I asked the rep on Twitter (as my emails were never returned) and they said if we're seeing the newsletters, we're in but probably still being processed. That's it. No details about the program, no personal contact. Nothing.

It's actually nice to hear that it's not just happening to us. You can say "Well, probably lots of people are applying," but I'm sure they're applying to Sony as well, and Sony seems to be handling it. There's no excuse for MS not to be as well. If MS was serious about working with indie developers, they'd be putting resources behind building relationships with them and getting tools into their hands as soon as possible.

Nothing's going to change unless developers speak out about this. Kudos to these guys for adding their voices to other developers who've expressed similar frustrations. They only way MS is going to change is if developers make their voices heard.

I mean honestly, what are they supposed to do? Continue sending emails that go unanswered? Like Cog said below, the squeakiest wheel gets the grease. If you're too "professional" to make any noise, don't be surprised when you continue to be ignored. I can't believe there's Microsoft defenders here acting like the developer themselves is somehow to blame in all of this. Just unreal.

Could you imagine if each day you went into your bank with your business, and the bank teller just ignored you day in, day out when you're just trying to get your job done, and then someone has the audacity to tell you that actually YOU'RE to blame, not the bank or the bank teller. I'm sure they're very busy, or maybe you're annoying to them. Don't make any noise to attract attention, just be quiet and get nothing done. Unreal...

redwin3710d ago

It seems to me that if MS rejects a developer or if MS is not jumping hoops for them them MS is evil. MS has said that they don't want to clutter Xbox market place with every game available! Just the best they can get. I commend them for that. Remember, 35% of steam games haven't been played . If there is a game that I want and MS doesn't have it then I'll get it from PSN. But this guy seems very unprofessional, you don't trash someone else's business in the net like that.

Anon19743710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

@redwin. Microsoft still has the ultimate say on what's released on XBL and what's not. If they want to reject a game due to quality concerns, they're well withing their rights to do so. Good developer relations is another thing entirely. Nobody said anything about devs being "rejected".

Given the fact that Microsoft were starting every single ID@Xbox newsletter with "Sorry application processing is taking so long" it's not about developers being rejected, it's about MS not dedicating the resources to making sure developers are registered and given the chance to start working on making games for the Xbox One in a reasonable time frame.

I don't see how you could construe what he did as "trashing" MS. He said they had good support from Sony and they've had a hard time getting a response from Microsoft. Oh snap! Oh no, you didn't just say MS wasn't responding to your emails! That's such trash talk! /s

This is a simple statement of fact for them. Sony's been good, MS won't respond to them. There was nothing inflammatory said (unless you think comparing levels of support between two competing company's as inflammatory), there was nothing derogatory said, it was just a simple statement. I can't get over how many on here are acting like this guy "went off" over his twitter account against MS. Enough with the rhetoric. He did no such thing.

frostypants3710d ago

@Redwin, how can MS know what the best games available are if they can't even get developers beyond the initial application process?

SilentNegotiator3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

"It seems to me that for every dev that does praise the ID_Xbox and changes made we get two that have something bad to say about it"
Fixed. It's not 1:1 good and bad reception and you know it.

"And for these little devs to tweet some inconsistencies between companies and especially MS is not only unprofessional but it seems to be the popular thing to do"
Could you be ANY bigger of a fanboy? You're seriously saying developers that call out MS for bad policies are "unprofessional"? And why would bashing a potential business partner be the "popular thing to do"? Are you seriously so out of touch that you think that developers are bashing the second fastest growing 8th gen console manufacturer for PUBLICITY?

redwin3709d ago

So, you are selling a product to different stores and you publicly state that one store is proactive and the competitor is not that's why you are not selling your product there. Sounds to me like bad etiquette. Its possible that MS has resources allocated in different areas and they are doing what they can

air13709d ago

We'll lets be fair though.. Ms can't get to every dev. Respawn didn't get much response or help from sony either that doesn't mean they are bad, they probably just had there eyes on something that they thought would be better.

jessupj3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Oh maniac, you try to act intelligent by having good sentence structure, but you're so bias and so out of touch with reality it's just not funny any more.

Lets be honest here. Considering how we're all reminded on this site most days about how much money MS has, maybe they could use that money to actually invest into games. Yes?

Since they've been telling us how their for the gamer now and they investing heavily into games I would have thought we wouldn't be seeing these kinds of complaints from DEVELOPERS. (not fanboys with an agenda, but developers who's lively hoods depends on good relations)

It seems MS is just focusing on the things they deem "important" and that will garner more good will with gamers and forgetting about the rest.

This is why I support sony so much. Because they genuinely push the industry forward. They don't need to be so supportive and accommodating of the little guys for their current success, but they do.

The MS apologists on this thread sadden me. It's truly mind boggling how anyone can defend this.

UltraNova3709d ago


'Ms can't get to every dev.'

It looks to me that its the developers that go to MS and get ignored while Sony doesn't and if memory serves me its Sony that reduced their personnel by 50% the last 3 years and not MS. Whats MS's excuse? I believe this is just another case of being taken granted by MS.

'Respawn didn't get much response or help from sony either that doesn't mean they are bad, they probably just had there eyes on something that they thought would be better.'

The whole Respawn-Titanfall-Sony thing is so fishy I can smell it form here. I dont get how being under the helm of EA, and their bank accounts, and still need help works...We dont know what truly happened and I dont buy for a minute the assumption of Sony passing on such an opportunity (Titanfall)when everybody praises them for their fast and proactive support.

Open your eyes people, they talk so much nowadays we just need to read between the lines.

Azzanation3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Where do you think Indies came from? It all started at MS (MS DOS/Windows) Xbox is fine and doesn't need Indies, that's what PCs are for. Don't forget Live was doing this way before Sony were.

Also note Sony looked pass Respawn so no company is perfect. But honestly who cares. Indies can make games on PC if they cant cut it into Consoles. If there successful then they cross over. Like Outlast.

I can tell you one thing. I didn't buy a next gen console so I can play Indie games.

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Charybdis3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Strange I was hearing positive sounds about @ID_xbox.Here is an example were to respond to a tweet of an indie dev offering their help to get their game on xb1.

Obviously Microsoft is at fault not giving dreamfall guys an hand hope they will improve their program and invite them to their program.

Concertoine3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

I'm sure most devs are pleased with it, they're just the silent majority. But it's their job to take care of the whiners because that's all people will hear.

tgunzz3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

This is no different from respawns article about bringing titan fall to ps4... Good example to compare bias, or unbias..... Capybara who is working on below for xbox one has high praise for ms support of their indie game, but where is that article???

xx4xx3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

The positive stories about XBOX don't get page views, silly.

Christopher3710d ago

Eh. Not everyone is going to get the same level of support. And, the best way to get support is sometimes to go on Twitter and make a big deal out of it. I'm sure Microsoft will be giving them the best of support now.

maniacmayhem3710d ago

I disagree, I think that is the last thing any company who wants to be professional should do.

We have seen a lot of companies and especially people go to Twitter and it backfire because they didn't get the whole story or fully understand the situation.

Christopher3710d ago

maniac, I don't think it's the right thing either, but that's the reality of business (not everyone gets the same level of support all the time) and social media (squeakiest wheel gets the oil).

maniacmayhem3710d ago

I agree that not everyone gets the same level of support. That is the nature of the beast and it sux, but taking it to social media won't make those wheels turn any faster. Only that paper green seems to move that machine faster.

A business like this should try their best to make this game as fun and popular as possible and put it out only for the PS4. If it becomes a success then go to the media with those facts. I'm sure MS will take notice then.

DragonKnight3710d ago

@maniac: Twitter is partly responsible for MS removing their draconian DRM schemes from the XB1. Making a noise affects PR which translates into dollars.

maniacmayhem3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )


Twitter is also greatly responsible for many of people losing their jobs.

There's a difference between public and fan outcry of a product and a person crying on Twitter. Especially since we don't know the full story on either side.

ShwankyShpanky3709d ago

"We have seen a lot of companies and especially people go to Twitter and it backfire because they didn't get the whole story or fully understand the situation."

"Deal with it."

Gazondaily3709d ago

lol @ squeakiest wheel gets the oil. Gonna jack that quote.

Hit the nail on the head mind you.

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karamsoul3710d ago

Microsoft needs a culture change, and fast.

HugoDrax3709d ago

The value of the corporation says otherwise.


They don't need to change anything if they're still making money, hand over fist.