GeForce GTX GPUs To Include Watch Dogs

NVIDIA has announced that select GeForce GPUs will be boxed with Watch Dogs allowing gamers to take advantage of the full features of the game.

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Kurylo3d1726d ago ShowReplies(3)
skept3k1726d ago

Oh man I've been waiting for gtx 800 series, and I was going to get Watch Dogs on PS4. However, getting a gtx 760 with Watch Dogs is VERY tempting now.

Psychotica1726d ago

Too bad this wasn't included with the gtx 800 series, I would jump on that deal in a second..

Edvin19841726d ago

Not sure if you read the article, but apparently NVidia and AMD are having yield issues with the new nm builds, and both manufactures are pushing back their products to Q2, 2015.

Also, it seems that the GTX 880 would be a mid range card marketed like the 680 as top tier card. What I did is went it Tri SLI config of 780's. Tomorrow I get the rest of my watercooling loop components.

Unless you can wait that long sure do it, as I am sure it will be worth it otherwise grab a 760 and enjoy watch dogs. The latest beta driver really kicked things in higher gear and was a major performance boost.

And for the article was on techpowerup.

Good luck.

Nerdmaster1725d ago

I buy a new PC every 4 or 5 years, so I've been waiting for GTX 880 to replace my old GTX 285, but it's been taking so long... I really hoped they would released it before October, so I would buy it during my vacation in USA.

incendy351726d ago

Wonder how well a 750ti will run Watch Dogs, my mini Steam Machine for the living room has that card. I am guessing medium setting at 1080p.

Edvin19841726d ago

At 1080p your looking at a mix of medium or high settings with the new beta drivers. That is if your steam machine is running Windows as the OS, and I am not sure if the Linux driver gained the same performance boost.

750ti is a beast of a overclocker on air we got my friends office PC to 1385mhz core w/boost.

Kurylo3d1726d ago

u know whats funny.. my gtx 260 still runs current games at mostly high settings lol..

incendy351726d ago

Yeah it is running Windows and latest drivers. I hope I can get high settings, that would be nice. Maybe even drop down to 720p and see if I can get ultra :D

FlameWater1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Think I'll wait for the 800 series and with 5000 TFLOPS

totalrecoilzz1726d ago

well i think people who already own these cards should get the game free aswell or give us 50% off!!

LAWSON721725d ago

This is an incentive, since you already bought the card they dont really need to convince you to buy from them.

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