Wolfenstein: The New Order Gameplay Trailer Boasts Multiple Paths

GR: Bethesda Softworks and MachineGames have released a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming first-person shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order. It's titled "Stealth vs Mayhem" and showcases the number of ways our hero can go about taking down the Nazi order.

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FITgamer1725d ago

Cool trailer. This looks like it might actually be some fun.

Hellsvacancy1725d ago

THAT is how you do a trailer, actual gameplay (Driveclub looked impressive but I want to see gameplay, gameplay as you the player will see it)

I downplayed this game when it was announced, shame on me because it's actually looking quite fun

Kleptic1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

have to agree...I loved RTCW over a decade ago, but then found nothing good about the reboot 5 years ago or whenever that was...

this looks much better than i was expecting...I like that devs seem to 'know the roots', something even creators even forget when making a new game in a specifically loved franchise (read: Doom 3)

fossilfern1725d ago

Same boat as you ,Kleptic. I loved RTCW on the PC and didnt care for Wolfenstein '09 but this game looks like 90s inspired shooter with some balls to wall action!

I miss these kind of shooters.

Kleptic1725d ago


people always whine and moan about the genre being too crowded...yet there is next to nothing available that is anything like what made it popular to begin with...

I'll keep my eye on this game, may end up getting it...and here's too hoping it does well, creating maybe a glimmer of hope that doom 4 ends up being the ultimate throwback to what some of us are getting kind of desperate for...

our childhood haha...

porkChop1725d ago

Yeah when they first announced it I thought it was gonna be crap, but it actually looks awesome. Already have my PS4 copy paid for.

LOL_WUT1725d ago

Nice trailer and gore! Loving both play styles can't wait to try it out. ;)

hemmo19861725d ago

I have to admit when this game was first announced I really kinda dismissed it.

However its actually looking fairly decent.

Roccetarius1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

This looks like another Rage waiting to happen. It also shows that they're taking the Wolfenstein 2009 route as well. Trailers can only do so much for hype, but in the end i think people will be dissapointed.

Personally i thought the 2009 game was good, but not amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.