Will Gamers Stick Around For Xbox TV?

Last Thursday, at the pristine green New York pied-à-terre Microsoft keeps for the Xbox One, the two honchos of the company’s fledgling original programming arm debuted footage from their docket of new shows. Given the resources of Microsoft and the years of experience and success between said bigwigs — Nancy Tellem, Microsoft’s entertainment and digital media president, ran CBS Television in the aughts, and Jordan Levin, the executive vice president in said division, ran The WB during its Buffy and Dawson’s Creek halcyon days — the presentation of Xbox Originals was remarkably modest. The first three programs Tellem and Levin teased, and the first three that will run, were a series of short documentaries, a reality show about street soccer, and live streaming footage of the music festival Bonnaroo. There were no major stars or household name writers or directors involved. House of Cards and True Detective, these were not.

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cfc781634d ago

Do we have a choice? in all seriousness im sure there will be something for everyone im not against it but im not popping the champagne cork for it,just be a plus for xbox if its good and im happy with that.

Septic1633d ago

Hey if it turns out to be good, why not? Depends on the quality of the shows on offer.

Imagine having companion shows for big game releases.

Step into my mind for a moment:

So youre playing some MMO. Then everyone comes across an area that is blocked. You're in a group (guild/clan) whatever. You've cleared an end game instance where the AI personality you've assisted in the final mission has snuck into the enemy base thanks to your efforts.

Now whilst you and your friends wonder, will he be able to bypass the security in order to let you guys in to rescue the child of eden (some bald kid wjo has been prophesied to be the saviour etc or yadda yadda).

So then youre like...oh snap, the new episode of Septics Lair is out. Lets see what happens so that we can get our gear ready for the mission. Depending on what happens in the show, the game reflects the narrative changes immediately.

Boom. TV is not so crap now is it?

Okay aftee typing that crappy story, I iust figured out an easier analogy. Game of Thrones MMO. Your friends are are part of Danarys' (sp) faction. Now you're like...okay...we just merked the opposing army. Danarys has gone into the lair. I hope she reacues her dragons because I got all this dragoon food and I desperately need some xp because my character looks like a vagrant...he's wearing a diaper and a turban (this is EXACTLY how my character looked on WoW before I max levelled complete with some retarded stick).

Anyway...ill stop. Got pins and needles and I nees to stop rambling whilst on rhe toilet.

TL:DR- Xbox tV...could be good. Im mental.

BG115791634d ago

All I know about TV is that it's usually a black hole for money that rarely has profit.
But we're not talking about a TV here, right. It's more like a VOD behind a paywall.
So see and wait.

Dan_scruggs1634d ago

You know nothing about TV. In many instances it's far more profitable than many feature films. I work in both. And it's much easier and less risky to make money with a modestly budgeted TV show that with a 100 million dollar feature.

B-radical1634d ago

if they can make shows based on games and are cannon then count me in

PixelNinja1633d ago

Anything that expands my favourite gaming universes is alright in my book.

Cueil1633d ago

I think they are doing that already... hopefully we get an update this E3 about the game

n4rc1634d ago

They've announced a bunch of projects they are working on..

Could be interesting..

spoonard1634d ago

It's nothing that's going to add value to Xbox Live since i'm sure that'll be required. I'm not interested. I stopped paying for Live after about 3 years when I realized that other platforms offer the same things but not behind a ridiculous paywall.

n4rc1633d ago

Ya that cross game chat and day long downloads were killer features :p

I kid a bit.. But honestly you can't tell me psn was better in any single way then xbl was.. Besides being free

spoonard1632d ago

It wasn't any worse than XBL. Sure XBL may have had twice the players, but you can only play with 8 or 16 at any given time so anything past that really doesn't matter. Also the apps that weren't stuck behind a paywall like Netflix and Amazon were usually better than their Xbox counterparts. Not to mention PSN wasn't doubling as an ad platform like XBL was.

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