Resident Evil 5 dated writes: Despite recent rumors that RE5 could be out as early as November, it has been tentatively dated for March 10, 2009, available for the PS3 and XBox 360. Expect more information this week, following the release of a new trailer on the 31.

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chaosatom3335480d ago

Which will I pick?

answer: both.

It's a good time to own a ps3 and will be even better in the future.

vloeistof5480d ago

o one month after killzone .

and who know gow3
cant wait.

15 days.

NoUseMerc5480d ago

How did this get approved??? is not a source for release dates.

Acidicpack5480d ago

Game Stop and Amazon do this all the time >< They pull some made up release date out there [email protected]$es to try and get more cash up front. Personally I tend not to reserve games cause there is really no reason to any more being that Game stop and most store like Best buy have loads of copies on day one.

Nuvian5480d ago

I totaly agree,this should not have gotten approved,not with that title at least,confirmed means from the dev team or publishers,and amazon is neither.

jay25480d ago

NO way should this have been approved, this is Amazon for god sake.

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