Diehard GameFAN: 10 Thoughts on… Broforce

DHGF: One of my favorite games for the classic Nintendo Entertainment System is the non-stop action game, Contra. The intense run and gun game offered a challenge and some of the most satisfying co-op action ever. Over twenty-five years later, Contra is still the definitive run and gun action game that helped spawn many sequels and would-be clones. BroForce is one such game, paying much respect to Contra, but at the same time to action movies from the past thirty years. Since it was announced as a Steam Greenlight game, I have been eagerly awaiting its eventual release. BroForce may look like a retro inspired action game, but contains so much more, by having crazy multiplayer action, huge destructible environments and tons of action star cameos. After acquiring the early access build of the game, here are some of my thoughts of the early build of the over the top run and gun game, BroForce

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