New R33 Server Update Fixes The Death Shield Bug - Battlelog Update - BF4

DICE is rolling out a new server version which fixes the death shield bug that could cause dead players to act as an invisible shield, blocking projectiles. There is also a new Battlelog update which contains several new features, improvements and fixes.

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Majin-vegeta1638d ago

Hey Dice how about getting rid of that annoying visual recoil??That crap literally kills the fun of the game.

ZILLA1638d ago

Pleeeeease fix the freezing on Obliteration mode on PS3!!PLEEEEEEASE

itisallaboutps1638d ago

I had problems when in a jet trying to kill am ac130 I do no damage at all and some jets too.

Majin-vegeta1638d ago

FYI they have also released the Rent-a-server option.

swishersweets200311637d ago

rented a server and it wont even let me in the server i purchased for the past 6 hours. Plus they never bothered to fix day one bugs like squad perks still broken plus many many many other things.

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