Destiny is Played with Three and More Details

"New details regarding Bungie's upcoming title Bungie surfaced recently."

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Jughead34161637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

More interested in playing solo

DeathOfTheFanBoy1637d ago

Halo (let's not pretend we shouldn't make comparison's) was for me always better with friends, and given there is a slight Borderlands side to Destiny this could stack up to be one epic multiplayer game, I hope it turns out as promised.

randomass1711637d ago

I agree completely. Most of my best memories are by playing cooperatively with friends. I would choose that almost anything else, including single player. Some games are not fit to have coop for sure, but this game is structured around coop. I smell greatness awaiting!

TRD4L1fe1637d ago

I dunno man, this game seems like it shines when played with friends or family

Kane221637d ago

i mostly like to play alone. but im still getting this. i just hope they don't force co-op like gearbox does with borderlands.

Farsendor11637d ago

well pretty much everything about this game screams mmo.

randomass1711637d ago

Not quite everything. As far as we know there's no subscription and parts of it are still isolated to a three player coop experience.

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Palitera1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Why are they calling it a MMO then? I can't see the 'massive' in three.
Are Dark Souls and Borderlands MMOs now too?

Ultr1637d ago

Seems like they are only talking about some dungeons.
There will still be a massive world with everyone inside and there will also be areas where more than 3 people fight agains one monster.
Its the same with every mmo

Palitera1637d ago

Hm, I hope so.

About every MMO, I don't have extensive xp on the genre, but the best one I've played by far wasn't like this (Ultimate Online).

Twilightx71637d ago

They aren't calling it an MMO, in fact they've been adamant that is is NOT an MMO.

randomass1711637d ago

At what point did they ever refer to Destiny as an MMO? They only say it has some elements comparable to modern MMOs, such as the level of interaction between players.

Smitty20201637d ago

Just waiting for my beta code :)

ramiuk11637d ago

me too amazon uk,supposedly accoreding to the customer advisor bungie send them to the registered email with whoever you order from

randomass1711637d ago

Looks sick. I want to play the beta. So much to wait for . -.-

Rockefellow1637d ago

New Details on Bungie's upcoming title Bungie? Were you so excited to submit news we've all known about for an entire day now that you couldn't even bother to proofread? Embarrassing.

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