ET Video Game Dig - A history

The dreaded movie tie-in games have always been enough to strike fear into any gamer, as the overwhelming majority of these cheap cash-ins are a perfect example of everything that is bad about videogames, with the obvious exception of GoldenEye 007, of course.

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Massacred1660d ago

Can't wait to see the documentary on this. Should be interesting. Hopefully they catelgoue everything and release lists and pictures.

GiantEnemyCrab1659d ago

Your XBL fees at work! Major Nelson is such a creeper.

uth111658d ago

E.T. isn't the worst game on that system nor was it unplayable. I finished the game several times.

I blame 2600 Pacman far more than ET- That game was truly a let down and almost nothing like the arcade! The way I see it, people bought Pacman in droves, got irate, stopped trusting Atari and refused to buy ET :)

choujij1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Any copies of Custer's Revenge in there?

its_JEFF1658d ago

I still don't know why... why this was a thing. This was never really an urban legend. There was an article in the NY Times, according to Giantbomb, that detailed why they dumped the copies. They never tried to hide it's location, the copies were dump at an actual DUMP... a landfill.

As for the documentary... I now know what happens in the end.