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Excerpt: "Daylight begins abruptly, with absolutely no setup to the goings on. What you do know, is that you are Sarah. She has a mystery to solve, her life. A strange man by the name of Dr. Mercer, who sounds like a low-rent Vincent Price, calls you frequently as you discover new things in the environment. Early on, arcane writings appear on your arms as you work to unravel the mystery. In concept, the story is somewhat interesting. In practice however, it’s a very clichéd tale with trite, one-sided dialogue as Sarah mainly talks to herself, or Dr. Mercer just talking to her. Never do they speak in open dialogue to one another, which is strange. Sarah’s external thoughts come off very weak and often repeats, suggesting to the player when they should be scared of something. Sarah doesn’t properly react to the supernatural happenings, and usually says something without anything actually happening in-game."

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