Attack On PR Stunts: Our Thoughts After The Watch_Dogs Nexus 7 Scandal

"[...] If this was a launch event with a full build of the game, this move would make more sense, a lot more sense, in fact. But the moment word of this got out, which it would considering how (whingy, bitchy, jealous, etc.) abrasive some members of the gaming media can be, it would be a PR nightmare on the part of the company promoting the game. I can imagine the smaller sites definitely blowing off steam about something like this on Twitter and then, from there, none of the parties involved could be trusted again. This just makes no logical sense from any perspective, why would Ubi, or any PR firm, even bother with something like this with the massive risk associated with it? It’s so bizarre that such a massive risk was undertaken for such small gains. [...]" - Attack On Gaming

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