Good Graphics Don't Make Good Games

As with any other console generation in the history of video games, heated debates are ever-present among the gaming community over which preferred console is better and why; however, this time, the topic appears to have centred on resolution and frame rates. While both are very important elements in a video game's presentation and basic functionality, this importance is somewhat misplaced.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1634d ago

True, but good graphics make good games into great games. Would games like Uncharted series, Last of Us, BioShock Infinite etc be as legendary if the graphics were anything less then what they are.

admiralvic1634d ago

"Would games like Uncharted series, Last of Us, BioShock Infinite etc be as legendary if the graphics were anything less then what they are."

Of course they would be, just look at the original Bioshock. It's in no way the best looking game, though it's still consider an amazing game all the same.

F4sterTh4nFTL1634d ago

It was one of the best looking games when it was released back in 2007. It was also a lesser game than System Shock 2 in every way except graphics and history will remember BioShock much more than System Shock 2 simply because BioShock was a pretty looking game on top of being a very good game.

sonarus1634d ago

i agree that great graphics don't make great games. However if i plan to switch from one generation to the next my primary reason for doing so is for higher graphical fidelity. Otherwise i might as well just stick with a PS3

Hydrolex1634d ago

Playing a super fun game is like driving a 2000 Honda civic with 700 horsepower

Playing a super fun game with AMAZING graphics is like driving a 2014 brand new Lambo Aventador

Kingthrash3601634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

this is more of an opinion question than anything.

me...for the money i spend on a new console + the $64 bucks for the game...depending on what i buy, it better damn well look better than current gen games. i like the awe factor in games and IMO graphics play a huge part in this.
fun factor has nothing to do with looks, and imo fun factor is a must. but fun also lies in the opinion of the gamer playing the game.
some like rpg's while others like sports games..whats fun depends on the gamer.

all in all my point is for a game to be successful it needs to sell as much as possible at the >>targeted audience<<
games like ryse/crysis look great...but are they fun? immersive? not to all..but some will like them and actually brag about how beautiful it is. these games are aimed at the gamer who like the graphical achievements in the game.
while a game like minecraft looks like a atari game but its fun and exploration makes it a hit, its literally not even trying to look good but the content in the game is huge.

so i'll end with whats fun for you and you never lose..i like pretty games with fun and nba2k. games like that.
for me graphics make a game good...but thats me. we all have are preferences. that is the beauty of being a gamer...there is something out there for all of us to enjoy.

badz1491634d ago

Another stupid article that kinda forget that we can have both great graphics and great games!

Seriously, if any of you hate graphics so much, just stay in the corner with your Atari and CRT tv while the world enjoy the advancement in technology!

I hate this "graphic doesn't make a game good" argument that some people are trying to shoehorn into the middle of attention this gen when last gen, a minor, under-the-microscope superiority in multiplats was hailed to no end as the de facto reason to choose a certain version of multiplats over the other! Last gen was not too long ago, you know!

DarthZoolu1634d ago

Ryse and Forza are great games.

KinjoTakemura1634d ago

Outlast is another example. Okay graphics. Amazing gameplay mechanics.

AndrewLB1633d ago

FasterthanFTL- System Shock 2 was an excellent game but I personally think the original Bioshock is definitely in the top 3 games of the last decade. The story, setting, and the way the player became immersed was absolutely incredibly well done.

As for it's graphics... the PC version of Bioshock 1 still looks pretty darn good.

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Bonerboy1634d ago

"....>THAN< what they are >?<

LogicStomper1634d ago

Wild Grammar-Nazi used spell-check!

brish1634d ago

I'm a grammar Swedish! I'm neutral about good/bad grammar as long as no one fights over it.

Vegamyster1634d ago

Graphics help immerse you into an experience but if the gameplay itself isn't average or under par it doesn't really matter, going back and playing old Megaman or Mario games on the Snes is still fun because the gameplay is still good.

Irishguy951634d ago

Nah, graphics are just a big bonus. 'Okay' graphics are a requirement. For 3d sake. But Great graphics really are only a bonus.

Imo, the last of US has just okay graphics. But thats only because i've been used to 'next gen' visuals for a while now since I game on PC. Doesn't change the fact that everything else was great in it.

UnbiasedOpinions1634d ago

TLOU is the only "Legendary" game you mentioned, the other 2 are mediocre at best, sorry pal

GarrusVakarian1634d ago


What do they mean?

How do they work?

Hicken1634d ago

@Lukas: This unbiased opinion doesn't mean much, and also doesn't seem to work very well.

geddesmond1634d ago

Don't listen to the people who say graphics don't matter. If they didn't then why do they take the jump each year or buy high end PCs.

Play FF14 on the PS3 and then play it on the PS4 and tell me graphics don't make a difference.

Matt6661634d ago

The only people who jump ship etc every year is fan boys who go with the most popular console during that particular generation. I would rather have a good story line with re-playability then a game that has got good graphics but got a rubbish story line.

geddesmond1633d ago


How many great looking games have disappointed? I can name only a fraction compared to the ones that have blown us away.

For every crap game like Rage that looked great but failed on everything else we get 10 games that that didn't disappoint. The Last of Us, The Witcher 2, Uncharted, Crysis, GTA5. Good graphics help immerse a player into the world better.

My first paragraph was a mistake. I meant to say if graphics didn't matter then why do people jump ship every generation to more powerful machines.

Also why are people screaming out for game remakes like FF7. Surely the old FF7 is enough for them as it has a great story and gameplay for its time. Answer! because graphics do matter.

Matt6661634d ago

What we need is a good balance of both but out of the both game play should be more important then graphics, no point playing a game if it's boring and rubbish.

Magnes1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I say you can have both good graphics and good game play.

Farsendor11632d ago

clean, clear games make for a more immersive game

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no_more_heroes1634d ago

Child of Light has the best graphics I've ever seen. Can't wait to play it!

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beerzombie1634d ago

Graphics are fourth on the list behind "Fun" and "Control" and "sound, music"
I'm not discounting Graphics because they are vey important for immersion and eye candy "pc and PS4 fans" Its just more overrated and bragging rights than anything else.

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MultiConsoleGamer1634d ago


And the console with the best graphics has never won the console wars in any generation.

F4sterTh4nFTL1634d ago

So you are saying WiiU or Xbox One will win this gen not PS4.

Majin-vegeta1634d ago

There's a first time for everything ;).

OT:If a game has good graphics and great gameplay it will suck you in instantly.

Tiqila1634d ago

who would have thought...

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