Xbox One Kinect Is A Joke: 5 Ways It Could Go From Awful To Awesome

The Kinect doesn't need to be a liability. It could actually be really cool.

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stuna11634d ago

It can go from awful to awesome by just giving people the option of if they want to own it!

DJMarty1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Ther is an option to own X1 and crappy Kinect 2, but most are going for PS4 and the option of PSeye(which wocks great).

etownone1633d ago

PSeye wocks as well as your spelling kid.

denawayne1633d ago

For all those saying that the Kinect is not worth the price of admission, I could argue that neither system is worth the price right now. Both systems are lacking in must have software. I know this has been said over and over but wait until E3. MS has already said they have new Kinect experiences in the work. Will it be must have? Time will tell.

I'm once again going to point out how ridiculous it is to see PS4 fanboys constantly commenting in Xbox One articles and what would be best for MS and the Xbox One. Do you guys really care that much about a system you have no vested interest in? It's sad really.

randomass1711633d ago

@denawayne It's refreshing to hear a more neutral opinion on the matter. Anyway, I actually want a PS4 now because it is cheaper and because it has some games I actually do want to play. Indies, InFamous, the upcoming splurge of big titles this Fall, I'd love to have a PS4 for those reasons. With Xbox One, I wouldn't mind getting one later, but I don't think I could buy one at $500 without getting a heavy feeling of buyer's remorse lol.

denawayne1633d ago

@randomass171 - Wow, look at us having a rational conversation. I would love to buy a PS4 but not only can I not afford it but I don't have the time for two systems. I went from the PS1 to the original Xbox because I was intrigued by the controller layout and Halo won me over. I tend to like FPS. I don't think you would have buyers remorse if you bought the Xbox One but I also think owning both systems is a little overkill unless you have a ton of time. It's funny cause my good friend was one of those people who jumped on the hype train and jumped from the 360 to the PS4. He asked if I was dissappointed cause we won't be able to game online together. I said heck no, now i can play the Sony exclusives now.

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FrigidDARKNESS1634d ago

Kinect is awesome.....thhose that hate on it don't even own an x1 and reads nothing but lies and fud on the internet. When Kinect had games on the x360 everyone says it was a joke. Now it doesn't have as many games and folks still hate on it.
Cortana voice assistant is coming to Kinect.
Smmart Home app coming.
AR Glasses coming that works with Kinect.
All these things it has over the competition camera it's laughable.

corvusmd1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

This is exactly how I feel about it...I guess everyone has their own opinion, but I refuse to believe that anyone that has actually given it a fair chance would call it and Awful Joke or whatever. I don't even Kinect Game (although I did pick up KSR cause I was actually super impressed when I played it at a friend's house...wasn't planning on grabbing that one...don't like the Soccer game though). I love it for all the OTHER things it it feels like all my other systems are missing something. It's so damn easy to get my XB1 up and running Hulu or Tv or whatever without ever touching a controller if I'm doing something else or eating...may not sound like much, but trust me you get hooked on it quick...esp once you teach yourself all the voice commands (life hack...make the command list the wallpaper on your PC). 99.9% of the time it hears and understands me perfectly...most of the time if it messes up, it's pilot error, or just WAY to loud and noisy in my room.

It's truly amazing tech, and I'm sure it'll be taken advantage of in pretty cool ways in the future. It can read muscle stresses, see you near perfectly in pitch dark, and read your heart rate...would be great for some slight horror game touches...I hope they integrate this with AR glasses using "illumiroom" type tech...if your heart rate goes up start making the room drip blood or something like that.

Hellsvacancy1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

So basically you're paying all this extra cash just for voice commands? am I correct in saying that? i've never used Kinect so i'm one of those "that hate on it don't even own an x1" I also hate on Mustard, never tased it, I can't get it past my nose, disgusting stuff

My TV (in my bedroom) has voice commands, it doesn't work for everything, to be honest I rarely use the feature

It seems you're paying loads extra just for a feature you don't really need

Charybdis1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

@ hellsvacancy
Well also the build in ir blaster. Paying Extra for things or features people don't really need is also the reason why many people will stick with ps3,xb360 or non at all for a while longer.

randomass1711633d ago

Couldn't they have just mapped the voice commands into the XB1 headset? Kinect seems very inessential for what it does. :/

WeAreLegion1633d ago

You don't need an expensive camera to do any of that, except the AR glasses, which aren't actually a thing, as far as we know. You can just use a mic.

Notramagama1633d ago

No auto sign in, auto profile change when someone picks up the controller, no auto button mapping, no facial scan into games, no qr reading. And more features coming... It's just 6 months after release...

Such impatience. Wow

jessupj1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

And how many of those features are actually game related or will heavily benefit gaming?

That's fine if you like using your voice, but I'm a gamer so my priority is... you know... gaming.

So I'd rather pay less for a more powerful console that gives quality free games every month. That's just me though. I respect other people have different ways of thinking.

BTW that last pm you gave me, frigid, was very entertaining. I didn't know it was so easy to make you rage. I can tell the truth really gets to you.

Hellsvacancy1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Kinect is a distraction, a novel way to draw people in "check this out man, Xbox ON.... wait wait wait wait, Xbox, Titanfall, BOOM Titnanfall started by itself, it's sooo cool man, futuristic.......... now where's my controller"

Einhert1633d ago

Sorry can you list some good games for me that make use of kinect beyond cheap gimmicks?

Thanks in advance.

mcstorm1633d ago

It all depends on what you call a gimmick. For me I like to use the voice commands in fifa 14 for subs and formation changes as it keeps the game flowing.

Kinect also works well in project sparks too. I also like how it knows when I have passed the controller to someone else and it switchs to their profile.

I also use if for turning the volume up and down as well as switching from one game or app to another or even changing channel and pausing TV when the phone rings.

I use the new Kinect a lot as well as smart glass too. For me its worth the money but I do get why some people don't want Kinect but it adds way more to the console than people give it credit for and without Kinect added onto the xbox one it is just the same as the ps4 but less powerful.

Its each to there own imo if you don't want it then don't get it get a ps4 or Wiiu or stick with a PS3 or 360 as there are lots of choices out there to pick from and choice = good.

randomass1711633d ago

I can only think of two: Dance Central and Gunstringer. Those were pretty good games and it's because they utilized Kinect in a well thought out manner. Beyond that... lots of Wiimote-waggle-esque shovelware.

Studio-YaMi1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Kinect is a joke,you or any other Xbox fanboy praising it wouldn't make it look any hotter or better.

A kinectless XboxOne is what I want,if I needed a kinect one day then I won't mind shilling out a $100 dollar for it THEN! but forcing it on me to pay an extra $100 for;when I know that it's crappy right now isn't helping ME as a consumer to see a good deal with the XboxOne.

Gekko361633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )


If you want a car powered by radioactive chickens... build your own cos car manufacturers don't make them... I'm pretty sure they dont...

Same goes for X1, If you want an X1 that does not have kinect... go buy a P4... MS Doesn't make them.

I have an X1 and kinect is very useful to me. It has not, however told me any funny jokes, so I can't agree with your sweeping statement that Kinect is a joke :).

Since I bought an X1 and am praising it's virtues, I can affirm that the kinect has not gotten hotter in temperature while I've been typing.

If you own a P4, great, if you own a PS-Eye, wonderful. I don't personally care.

I avoid all Japanese manufactured electronic products because of their poor QA.

gobluesamg1633d ago

Gecko let me get this straight. You avoid Japanese manufactured electronics because of poor QA? That is hilarious. Uhhhhh does Red Ring ring a bell? Do you think that Xboxes are made in America? Do you think PS4s are made in Japan? Both in China dude.

GarrusVakarian1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I disagree with the article, calling it a joke is too harsh. I don't believe it's a joke, i can see the appeal of Kinect for people. I just don't believe it can offer *me* anything.

There are a couple of your own points that i disagree with though:

"When Kinect had games on the x360 everyone says it was a joke"

Which games? The shovelware family/kiddy games? The games that had extremely limited movement/interaction such as Star Wars Kinect? Kinect didn't prove itself to the core audience, imo. It was limited to voice controls and basic motion controls, which is why it has never been implemented for more than that since it's inception. It was because of those very games that people called it a joke last gen.

"All these things it has over the competition camera it's laughable."

But there's one thing it doesn't have over the competitions camera. The choice of buying it.

DragonKnight1633d ago

Just show them this video whenever 360 Kinect games are talked about in anything but a negative way.

InTheLab1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

You're completely right. My TV does what Kinect does. My Amazon Fire Tv does it also. Most smart tvs are being made with voice and some with gesture controls. Cable companies are using voice. Socom 2 used voice commands 2 generations ago.

I'd call it a running gag or pipe dream. When the first Kinect came out and they did the Milo thing that we all know was never going to be a game, that hooked a lot of people into believing that "someday", Kinect would improving gaming on every level. And of course the gaming press ate it up and fantasized about how Kinect was this awesome new thing and people like Sessler and G4 even gave it an award for best innovation.....and fanboys rejoiced.

So certain Xbox fans clung to hopes of one day using the force to choke enemies or playing "real" soldier in some shooter and what they got was pure crap and disappointment.

Now Kinect 2.0 is here and you still have people clinging to hope and waiting on potential that will never be realized. So you have DR3 that uses hybrid controls that look suspiciously like sixaxis motion which was built into the DS3. And of course you have the voice commands which have been on consoles since Socom 2.

Where is the potential? Where are the innovations Kudo kept going on about? What happened to, "if everyone has Kinect, more developers will use it..." That's clearly not the case as developers were excited to finally be done with motion controls. Hell, most of us are happy Nintendo and Sony moved on. Even Crytek moved away from Kinect and everyone that enjoyed Ryse did so because it used buttons instead of crappy motion controls.

"Hey, just you wait till <insert game with gimmick> comes out" and when that game finally does and disappoints, we're just going to find some other way to justify paying a premium for a worthless gimmick.

Or we will continue to dream up ways to make Kinect finally worth it and MS will ignore it and force it on those that just want a straight up gaming console with no gimmicks.

And What about the Eye Toy 3? "Since it's selling out and being used mostly for streaming, can we justify Kinect that way?" Well the PS Eye is optional but you will try anyway.

Kinect is bad news for Xbox. It boggles the mind why some defend it.

Perjoss1633d ago

The only thing really worth playing on the Kinect 1 was Dance Central, everything else was garbage.

choujij1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

It's a joke on the Xbox 360, and it's still a joke on the Xbone. What it's supposed to be good at, it falls short on. Almost every time my bro turns his on, it takes a good while to even recognize him. And voice commands?

"Xbox, go to Netflix". *Launches Twitch*.


Clogmaster1633d ago

I was in a mountain resort and they had an XBox with Kinect but no controller. It was such a pain pretending to be all Tom Cruise from Minority Report to navigate menus. All I wanted was a controller.

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KinjoTakemura1633d ago

Kinect = a gimmicky thing that no one wants to pay a hundred bucks for.

beerzombie1633d ago

people who bought it makes you a liar; you can and do not speak for anyone but yourself.
When Vr hits you will see having a camera is important Oculus rift has shown this and you Sony fans just cannot see it.

WeAreLegion1633d ago

Oculus Rift has shown us why we DON'T need a camera. Sony is the one using the camera with Morpheus and Move controllers.

MasterCornholio1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

When did Microsoft confirm their VR device for the Xbox One?

As far as I know only Sony confirmed theirs.


Your correct that VR doesn't need a camera to work. Only blind fanboys don't see that. Sony is using the camera to cut down on the costs of the sensors that they would have to incorporate in Morpheus.

No_Limit1633d ago


As far as I know, the Oculus Rift does require an external camera for head tracking just like Project Morpheus. Where did you hear that that it doesn't need a camera?

On the Tomsguide description, it clearly show a picture of the goggle with an external mounting tracking camera device.
"The latest version of the Oculus Rift is bolstered by an external positional-tracking accessory, which helps track head movements more accurately. The result is the sensation that you are looking around a 3D world."

I think by continuing keeping the Kinect with every XB1 Sku, then MS can make it cheaper and easier to sell VR gears than the competition when they decide to release one. The price needs to be closer to the base PS4 system with the kinect and that is a much better strategy going forward than to dump the Kinect and waste all their initial goals and future ideas with it being part of the system.

joeorc1633d ago

Wait, sony fans cannot see it?
I am sorry but if anyone gameing group cannot see it is clearly in the xbox platform group.

Microsoft has not even released info on the Vr for kinect yet and many xbox fans never mention kinect combined with VR! The reason many people in Sonys camp talked about VR was because of playstation Move was shown working with a VR environment. Hell why do you think Sony is releasing its Vr so soon?

Inatead of investing more into 3D, sony rightly so, invested into Vr, for one did you notice for the PS4 release Sony showed off Move working with the PS4?

Its not about the parts of it all by itself. If any thing I agree with you about Vr with connection with kinect ,but to be very blunt what is Microsoft really done to promote kinnect with Vr? Nothing which is not good in my opinion, for those thst think Vr is not usefull with kinect are in for a shock, it is quite usefull with Vr.

As a matter of fact @siggraph 2004 Sony's very own dr. Marks key point about prime sense technology was even used working with the ps2 combined with move would make one hell of a combination expensive but really good 3D depth tracking+ accurate 3D area control add in Vr and you have a price friendly simulation.

Microsoft + Sony would have in my opinion worked better off with using each others Vr an motion control and cross promote both working on b ok th systems imagine move working with kinect on xboxone! + Vr you have the cheapest most cost effective Vr stimulation setups for . Gaming same with on playstation drop the playstation eye use kinect and use move an Vr.

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randomass1711633d ago

Anymore at least. The original Kinect was pretty successful from what I heard, but the novelty wore out by the time Xbox One was announced.

tgunzz1633d ago

I disconnected my kinect for a few days to see how it would feel not having one. I must say, that I am glad to have it... The functionality is awesome, and I love controlling my system with it. Also, playing ksr is a blast.

traumadisaster1633d ago

Its a 100 lousy bucks, do you know how I party?! We're rich bch, spend that in 1 hour of a night out. 1 bet in Vegas, done. I'm tired of the complaining about a $100. I have a hang over now from last night where I spent more than 100 on a Monday. I'm goin to bestbuy to buy some sort of tech right now cause its fun and I have a career. Kinect sucks but I own it.

Aghashie1633d ago

I disagree w u.

No one should tell others the value of their own hard earned money. Everyone have different needs u know.

So u know, like u, I am also a highly $ professional and I don't feel entitled to be arrogant because a few zeroes on my bank account.

I rather spend $100 w my girl and my friends -cause they are far more important- than spending it on games any day of the year.

On topic: I like the whole idea of Kinect, I just think the execution is very poor. I can see potential on future software but right now it's nothing but a niche luxury. When my relatives ask about Kinect I always answer the same: "Won't tell u that is bad or good. You can flip channels or volume w it, but u won't use it on any -current- games. Guive it a try and decide for urself."

MysticStrummer1633d ago

"Its a 100 lousy bucks, do you know how I party?! We're rich bch, spend that in 1 hour of a night out. 1 bet in Vegas, done. I'm tired of the complaining about a $100. I have a hang over now from last night where I spent more than 100 on a Monday. I'm goin to bestbuy to buy some sort of tech right now cause its fun and I have a career. Kinect sucks but I own it."

Cool story dudebro.

randomass1711633d ago

@traumadisaster That's $100 that not everyone can just blow on a device they may not even want. For folks like me that's a lot of money that needs to be put toward something I need or will enjoy. :/

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