Five Randomly Creepy Levels in All Ages Games

Hardcore Gamer: Gamers are no strangers to scary stuff. Hell, we have an entire genre called “survival horror” and it’s not a niche one. We’re used to fear in our games…most of the time. Sometimes creepy moments appear right where we least expect them to, and that’s where we really start to feel uncomfortable. There have been quite a few scary or creepy levels in games that would normally be feel-good, all-ages adventures. These creepy areas stick out like sore thumbs in otherwise peaceful settings, making their creepiness even worse (or better, if you’re into it). Here are five creepy levels in generally all-ages games that appear out of nowhere, offering no time to prepare for their scary, weird or unsettling subject matter.

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MrSwankSinatra1632d ago

Damn, makes me miss when RARE was good. Too bad they're stuck doing kinect games in a basement somewhere.

ValKilmer1632d ago

Lol that Ecco thing still scares me.