The Elder Scrolls Online Review – One of the Biggest Disappointments of 2014, So Far | COG

Okay, so COG is a little late to the party with this review but it’s a big game and we wanted to log some serious hours into this MMORPG. In the end, ESO should have been so much better. Period.

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Tierney112901686d ago

I think that a 65 is a little low, but still fair. One thing I can say about this game is to try it for yourself. I know that can be a risk because of the price, but don't base the game off of reviews. There are a ton of people really enjoying this game (myself included). I will say though, that you are either going to love the game or hate it, nothing in between. This article gets some things right and some things wrong. The things they got wrong (like combat feeling cluncky) make me wonder if they even did their research. The game is very different from MMO's and even Elder Scrolls games (keep in mind that this is NOT Elder Scrolls VI). I am both and ES fan and an MMO fan and feel that this game is a perfect blend. In the end, I would still say form your own opinion.

djplonker1686d ago

I don't think its a good mmo its sluggish and boring I only lasted 45 minutes in the last beta!

There is much much better mmo's out there.

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djplonker1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Um it was the last beta just before release hell it was the retail client... I doubt it changed drastically in 2 weeks!

When I played the guild wars 2 beta and ff14 beta the full game was exactly the same in beta form as in the retail version bad excuse!

pompombrum1686d ago

Well I was played in the beta and would agree that it felt sluggish and boring. However a friend convinced me last week to buy the game and I haven't looked back since. It took me a while to get used to the pace of the game but since then, I've been having an absolute blast.

Most of the complaints surrounding the game are valid, the game certainly feels like it has an identity problem where it constantly feels at odds between trying to be an Elder Scrolls game and trying to be a themepark MMO. Still, none of it's flaws have changed the fact that I'm having a lot of fun. It has probably the best progression system I've seen in an MMO in recent years and the combat feels very very satisfying.

xPhearR3dx1686d ago

Apparently you don't understand the term beta. A beta right before release doesn't imply that everything in the final game is there and playable. 90% of the content from the real game was cut from the beta.

I even got bored with the beta, but since I got my Early Access at the end of March, I haven't touched another game. I've played over 200 hours and still have a hundreds of hours of content left to enjoy.

Some betas are more glorified demos while others are actual betas. There's a reason why ESO launched so smoothly. Hell it's an MMO and launched better than BF4 could and that required 64 player servers. Where as, ESO has 2 mega servers and has next to no problems.

Reibooi1686d ago

The best way I would describe it would be that it feels like it's stuck in between Free to play and Pay to play. Basically the quality isn't high enough to warrant a fee but it would be really high quality if the was free.

I do agree that it's a love or hate game however. I loved the fact that I could play it pretty much with few exceptions how I would play a offline ES game and I loved that but then there were moments that did kinda ruin that love.

It's the type of thing that if it went free to play in the future I would love to jump in as I would not have any reservations about it.

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Volkama1686d ago

I don't love it or hate it. I think it's got some promise but is ultimately very flawed, and I do not think I will continue to play it when my subscription is up. Which is a shame, because I so want a good subscription MMO and I think the industry will take "subscriptions are bad" as the message when this fails.

ShowGun9011686d ago

Ffxiv? I'm on it right now, it's pretty awesome, polished as hell lol! I'm subbing up again probably till destiny is out. Give it a shot man!

Baka-akaB1686d ago

Well it's not exactly a very good game for mmos fans , nor will it sit well for all those fans of Elder Scrolls instead .

Smitty20201686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

When I watched angry joes review about this game I was put off it big time am sure some people will enjoy this game but with so many problems and monthly fee I'll leave this game alone, just doesn't look and feel like skyrim we all know and love

jegheist20141686d ago

its p2p model ff 14 is way better mmo soory if u have to pay for mmo ff 14 getis it right until endgaame i haventp layed it since launch they added lot more content so end game content is probly way better.

but people r omg this guys gears sux kick u out those elitists in end game mmos ruin it in all them one main reasons i dontp lay after that point

jegheist20141686d ago

learn to mind your buisness im not bloody english if u bother to check other articles posts i post in youd see this

i full on german was private schooledi n states at age 12 only knowing german im 30 now couldnt go to public school they only spoke that crap.

since my parents were nitpicky i learned english from foreigners who dont speak it any better then i do or type it

Clown_Syndr0me1685d ago

I'm half German, we still use capital letters and full stops.

MysticStrummer1686d ago

The only way it could be a disappointment is if you weren't paying attention. It was obvious which way the wind was blowing with this game.

Einhert1686d ago

If you want a good MMO play Guild Wars 2, no sub fee and you can hop on it whenever you like.

For £30 (cheaper if you shop around) it is a steal.

Blues Cowboy1686d ago

I'm all about B2P. Keeps the griefers out, but gets you a huge amount of awesome content. Been absolutely loving GW2 and The Secret World too.

Tundra1686d ago

Why is this man getting disagrees? I've been sticking to GW2 and FFXIV as those two feel like the only quality mmos that have recently come out.

xPhearR3dx1686d ago

I really wanted to play GW2 and I finally got an email for a free trial weekend. I just couldn't get into it and found it extremely boring.

I think my issue is, I don't really like MMOs to begin with. At least with ESO, I'm familiar with the lore (which I already love to begin with) and I feel more at home. It also has a less intrusive UI. I like feeling immersed in my games, were as with games 99% of MMOs' there's too much going on, on the screen that it makes my experience unenjoyable.

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