Destiny Competitive Multiplayer Won't Be Limited to 3v3 Combat, Will Feature 6-Player "Raids"

Bungie Head of Community Eric “Urk” Osborne has responded to earlier reports, explaining that Destiny’s competitive multiplayer will not be capped at 3 vs. 3 combat.

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BattleAxe1633d ago

Yeah, hopefully they can squeeze 4 vs 4 out of these high powered next gen consoles.

randomass1711633d ago

45. vs 4.5 would be true next gen multiplayer. I kid. this game will be fabulous.

cyguration1633d ago

Really? Because I was pretty sure Doom had 8 vs 8 back in 1991.

Didn't know 3 vs 3 was such an upgrade.


Farsendor11632d ago

if anyone has played mmo dungeons with 6 people it works very well. 6 people raids or whatever the game is calling them is just fine.

so i agree it is good to hear.

corvusmd1633d ago

Only 6? Isn't this game supposed to be next gen MP? Sarcasm, I'm gonna love this game, I can't wait...

urwifeminder1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

6v6 that's some Titanfail how can this be successful OMG lol next gen player counts are huge ha ha, massive sarcasm by they way.

randomass1711633d ago

I think you completely misread the headline you didn't read past.

TheNotoriousNiceGuy1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Let's hope theres no hypocrisy !!!!!!

truefan11633d ago

Only 6 players, looks like a lot of the ps4 fans that frequent this site won't be buying a last gen game like Destiny.


Why? The Last of Us is only 4v4 and it is precious.

Kiwi661633d ago

why well i guess what @truefan1 is alluding to is that when ever there was a TF article those whom said that 6v6 sucked and therefore for mainly that reason that they weren't interested in it unless Respawn changed it to 8v8 or above

GiggMan1633d ago

Destiny (along with Titian Fall) technically did have to keep last gen consoles in mind. We can only speculate what either game would be like if they didn't have to conform to last gen console limitations. (If they were any)

ScareFactor1633d ago

Titanfall did not have last gen in mind, since Respawn didn't want it to be on last gen that is why another studio made it

GiggMan1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Wether they wanted it to be or not it was still on last gen also. Most games that were/are being developed for current and last gen simultaneously show their limitations. Battlefield is the only example I can think of where the next gen version was better than current gen regarding player count.

Not every dev is going to take that risk of making the next gen version that much better than the current gen version. If Titian Fall for X1 could handle 12 vs 12, people may not opt to by the 360 version at 6 vs 6. Some may wait until they get an X1. It's just my opinion anyway. I can't wait to see what these devs do with just PS4/X1 and PC in mind.

DonkeyWalrus1633d ago

6 players is for the raids, which is something completely different. They haven't given us any info on the competitive multiplayer yet, but did say today that competitive multiplayer will be featured at E3.

randomass1711633d ago

Wish they would demonstrate these modes before announcing numbers like these. People always seem to interpret them negatively.

GarrusVakarian1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Bringing up PS4 fans YET AGAIN. Just goes to show how much the PS4's success has hurt you on a personal level, Truefan. Your obsession mentioning PS4 fans every 5 minutes is pretty embarrassing. Every other comment of yours is some backhanded, bitter, childish comment. Let it go, man.

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