Nintendo Can 'Do Whatever It Wants,' Says Iwata On Plans Outside Of Gaming

GI: "A while back, Nintendo announced that it was creating a new division within the company focused on consumer health and quality of life. According to CEO and president Satoru Iwata, the move was an example of how while the company has made a name for itself with games, it sees itself as providing more."

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XiNarutoUzumaki1686d ago

Doing what THEY want is sort of the problem right now

ZodTheRipper1686d ago

Iwata seems like one of the main problems at the moment. Jack Tretton would be an epic substitution for him and his strange multimedia&health ideas.

just-joe1686d ago

Because a Japanese company is going to make an American head of their company. That's plausible.

ZodTheRipper1686d ago

I wasn't serious but your point can be disproven with many examples. It just would've been cool to see him in the industry again and he's one of the people that might be able to get Nintendo out of it's mess.

Baccra171686d ago

Not sort, it IS the problem and it's been a problem for quite a while now.

randomass1711686d ago

You mean doing what they want inside of gaming, right? Because Iwata is talking about outside of gaming. Not the same thing at all, obviously.

KonsoruMasuta1686d ago

You're right. It isn't the same thing.

People here don't quite understand what Iwata was saying. He's saying that Nintendo has the means to do anything and venture into any area they want. He's talking about expanding the company to areas beyond gaming.

This is a concept many people will not be able to grasp.

levian1686d ago

Funny how many people missed that little distinction eh? They have billions, they can venture into any area they want

donman11686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

I cannot wait for Nintendo to fire Iwata. He is the main problem with the company. Change and a real new direction is greatly needed.

Retroman1686d ago

copying Sony doing what they want is bad (sony learn the hard way)
what Iwata should be concern about releasing Nintendo FUSION at E3 and announcing what it can do and what games we will expect.

it's not about what they want to do it is about supply and demand of what GAMERS want.

Joey_Leone1686d ago

Iwata is really sticking to his gut, let's see what this buffoon has in store for us.

3-4-51686d ago

* That have 95% of everything going find, they just need a few tweaks not an overhaul.

* The talent to make games is there, you can tell by the quality within Mario & other Nintendo games.

* The problem, if there is on, is they need to hire some "ideas guys/girls" to just think of new video game IP's.

* They then NEED to listen to those people.

I've always been a fan of Iwata, but when he says things like this is makes me believe he just doesn't "get it".

Fortunately, Hundreds of other employees at Nintendo "get it", they just aren't in charge.

* I just don't want to see them take money away from future potential games.

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-Foxtrot1686d ago

I don't really think they should be thinking "outside" of gaming at the moment when they haven't seemed to get onto a steady track "inside" of gaming.

I mean stuff outside of gaming to me sounds like multimedia features such as films, TV, music etc but this is a company which console can't even play DVD's....something which was happening in the sixth generation in 2000 (PS2).

marloc_x1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Physiotherapy is a 30 billion dollar business IN THE US ALONE and the growth is substantial. Where do you think a fat chunk of Wii consoles continue to be used regularly? Iwata is no fool..

truechainz1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

You're thinking too small. They are making preparations to keep on going. The reason Nintendo has been around so long is because they know when to try to get into new markets. This is a company that has been in multiple industries some of which aren't even tech or entertainment related. It is not to say that they will leave gaming, but if they needed to you can be sure they will move on to something else.

randomass1711686d ago

Iwata has even said that their primary focus is still gaming. I think people are just exaggerating the circumstances to make it seem worse than it actually is. Nintendo's made toys and trading cards but when push came to shove, gaming was their strongest market. I don't think that will change here since QoL will probably for people who actively try to maintain their health and not young people who play video games.

LOL_WUT1686d ago

Honestly they should've thought of this when the Wii was flying off the shelves. Nintendo just can't afford to be making bad business decisions so best of luck to them ;)

KonsoruMasuta1686d ago

Actually, they can afford almost any business decision they chose.

This is what Iwata was talking about.

Nintendo can venture anywhere they want. They have the means, materials, and motivation.

randomass1711686d ago

Not to mention a lot of money. I really don't see why people aren't looking at the bigger picture. Nintendo's game department would not be working on QoL. For all anyone here knows it could be a huge success and net Nintendo even more money to put into games.

MultiConsoleGamer1686d ago

Iwata is pure boss.

The most successful companies and industry leaders have followed this philosophy.

richierich1686d ago

God Iwata is a stubborn guy I think Nintendo needs new blood

randomass1711686d ago

Yeah, Nintendo's shareholders will probably get a new guy who eliminates all of Nintendo's franchises and reduces Mario to cruddy mobile games. You know Iwata's approach may not be perfect, but it's certainly not the worst one you can pick for Nintendo even with Wii U sales considered.

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