Watch Over Three Minutes of H-Hour: World’s Elite Proof of Concept Gameplay

MP1st - SOF Studios is showing off more gameplay action from their in-development tactical, military-inspired shooter, H-Hour: World’s Elite. In the video above, gameplay was captured from various play sessions across the UK, US, and Canada.

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nicksetzer11634d ago

Take socom, and take away almost everything good about it, and I feel like this is the result... maybe it's just me though.

Nitrowolf21634d ago

I think it looks pretty solid for a proof of concept. I'm sure the stiffness will be gone and it'll look better by the time it comes out next year

InTheZoneAC1634d ago

so you're saying this is Socom 4?

the key guys that made socom 1 and 2 are making this game. Don't be fooled thinking deceased Zipper is making a return to ruin this game...

nicksetzer11634d ago

I wasn't aware it had any socom team working on it, explains why it looks similar. I still am not impressed, but this is just a showcasing, the real game may be better, apparently I am one of the few not impressed here though.

BattleAxe1634d ago

"Take socom, and take away almost everything good about it, and I feel like this is the result... maybe it's just me though"

Are you on a different planet? This takes the gameplay back to it's roots, which is what the oldschool fans of the series want. We don't want the garbage that was Socom 4.

USMC_POLICE1634d ago

Agreed! Nick must of only played socom 4. This video looks like socom 2 to me

DigitalRaptor1634d ago

Yeah... wait until this is a fully formed, polished project.

Proof of concept implies many things about the current state of a game. This is like completely pre-Alpha stuff.

DanielGearSolid1634d ago

Literally only a guy who never played Socom would say that @nicksetzer

ssj271634d ago

IDK I don't like what I see so far.. I have donated around $150 for this game because I love Socom Confrontation (when it worked hahaha) but this looks and the feel of it also seem worse than confrontation and I was hoping something more.

I guess I will have to wait for the beta and see it for myself..

but what I saw.. seem on the quality level to games like Counter Strike GO and that is not a good thing.. is actually very bad.
but I guess we all have different standards.

StockpileTom1634d ago

This is an early beta of the low budget pitch demo. This means they aren't even producing the full game yet, not even at alpha.

Feature wise and graphically it should surpass Confrontation but the gameplay will be more like SOCOM II. This means no sprint button as you movement is determined by how far you move the stick. It looks awkward because they don't even have mocapped animations yet. All of that polish will come when they are funded by a VC or publisher.

Back-to-Back1634d ago

After watching this its no wonder why they cant find a publisher. Looks really dated. Besides the graphics(which I believe will improve) the gun shots sound terrible almost like ps2 quality.

Im not giving up on this game yet though.

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InTheZoneAC1634d ago

they've only been working on it for a few months...

porkChop1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Wow this just looks horrible. Sounded so great from the original pitch. And to think, these guys were piggybacking on the Socom popularity only to serve up this trash. I mean if this is really a "proof of concept" all this is showing me is that their overall concept sucks and they have no idea what they're doing. Not a single aspect here looks like it's being done even remotely right. Really disappointed I backed this. A Socom spiritual successor this is certainly not.

ssj271634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I don't now but I agree.. this guys and most of their fans not me and I can see not you are blind.
whoever want a true socon like experience for nexgen and see this game as it the Socom like experience are blind fanboys.

I can see that most fans and even SOF studios do not accept criticism and this is the most sad part because they will never step up their quality.

This looks bad and SOF's studios need to step up their quality.. maybe they can use a better engine.. this engine looks like a PS2 HD engine. very poor quality.
and I don't care if is a alpha.. it will not change much from this unless they change.

I'm really upset about the fans that when and test the game they all talk wonders about it but this was really bad.. they are blind.

StockpileTom1634d ago

The pitch demo is using UE3 and very low budget textures and animations. When they recieve full AAA funding from a publisher or VC they will be migrating to UE4 and adding all of the polish. This is NOT a consumer level demo, most companies won't even show this stage of development but they do so because of their open window policy.

ssj271633d ago

why not use UT4 from the start? is not like is to expensive to use plus it will help them to have better demo and help them to get used to the engine from the start.

I don't believe in excuses and I just don't see this game living up to the hype.. I hope I'm wrong because I want this game to be good.. I will be playing this game but a week or years will depends on how good it's..

nevin11634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

This doesn't look good.

It probably can get a pass as a Vita/3DS/PSP game but looks awful for a console game.

Shuyin1634d ago

This is getting really ANNOYING.
IT IS NOT EVEN IN PRE-ALPHA! This is what they show to publishers to spike their interest.
The fulll game will run on UE4 and will most likely really decent.
Get your facts straight before you talk trash, please.

InTheZoneAC1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

you guys all understand they've probably been putting this together for 3-5 months right?

obviously the graphical part is just thrown there to give you an idea how it'll play, not look.

Damn...and all you guys that lived under a rock during the PS2 days, just know that Socom was the best console shooter. This game is bringing that concept back. Don't expect 4k texture resolution, just the best tactical gameplay found since the original socom 1 and 2 release.

dontbhatin1634d ago


The game is very far from going gold. This is just how it is looking SO FAR.

NarooN1634d ago

Yeah, do these people not know what "proof of concept" means? This game has only been in development for a few months, NO game ever has AAA-tier graphics that early in the development phase. People need to get a grip.

porkChop1634d ago

No one is talking about graphics, we're talking about the rest of the game, the actual gameplay. It looks like crap.

ssj271634d ago

agree with porkchop..
looks and fells like this other game that is on the psn and iphones that is like Counter Strike or even the same CSGO and that is me been nice.

very bad quality

NarooN1634d ago

You guys are still being really pedantic about this and displaying a high level of ignorance of game development. NO GAME at this stage of development, with such a short period of dev time behind it, will display characteristics of a AAA-tier release, even from pre-alpha stages. This stage the game is in is like pre-pre-pre-alpha. This footage was just to give people who aren't in the know an idea of what the game is like.

If you could see a super-early version of Killzone, Infamous, Halo, God of War, or any number of other super-polished games, they would look just as "bad" as this does. I don't see how people can honestly expect the game to even look highly-polished in such an early state, such thoughts and expectations are not based in reality.

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