Off-Screen Gameplay Footage From Namco Bandai's Upcoming F2P Brawler, Rise of Incarnates

During the GGD 2014 Las Vegas event, VGBR captured and shared some gameplay footage from Namco Bandai’s upcoming Rise of Incarnates.

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nope1111687d ago

I didn't know it was going to be F2P.... hmmmm, a bit worried. Namco Bandai's past ventures into F2P hasn't been very enjoyable.

I hope they get it right this time. Love me some Arena Fighters.

maniacmayhem1687d ago

Take Dragon Ball, mix a little Psychic Force and throw some Capcom in it a poof... Rise of Incarnates!

Naw, seriously, this looks pretty awesome. Will definitely have to peep it when it drops.

john21686d ago

Indeed, looks interesting. Here is hoping it won't be a P2W game.