New H1Z1 Zombie Footage Found

Over the weekend John Smedley @j_smedley released a short video clip of some zombies walking across a field. MMO Attack took a look at the video and discussed what they saw, and what players can expect before the game is released.

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bearwedge1635d ago

Game looks like it is going to be cool. Like the site too.

Axonometri1635d ago

I believe that this was just posted online but the hidden content has yet to be found.

MysticStrummer1635d ago

Nice number of zombies and as they point out the different walking styles are good.

S2Killinit1635d ago

damn, the sense of being left in a world like that would be terrifying. I guess you need to quickly group up with people.

KyRo1635d ago

Ideally yes you would want to group up but trust plays a very big part in these survival games. Humans are a much bigger threat to you than zombies.

I'll never forget a Day Z video I watched on Frankie's YouTube channel where he bumped I to a guy with no gear. He spoke to him and seemed friendly enough. Frankie gave him a gun to help get him by and the guy just shot Frankie and took all his stuff. Trust plays a big part in survivals games, more so than any other genre.

S2Killinit1635d ago

Hahaha -____- true. So i wonder how are people going to group up? Maybe the zombie threat is so overwhelming that it demands cooperative gameplay?

OpieWinston1635d ago

I plan on giving this game a shot. I still think the only devs who really have a shot at pulling off a Zombie MMO the right way without cluttered net coding and animations is Undead Labs.

State of Decay was an amazing prototype and is my favorite zombie game to date.

In order to pull off a Zombie MMO you have to trial a lot of the Animations,Physics,Mechanics in a previous game.

H1Z1 is SOEs first shot at this style of post apocalyptic survival and from what I've seen so far it looks like it's captured a lot of the core problems Day Z has.

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