Destructoid Preview: Destiny's combat is solid, but I'm not so sure about the rest of it

Destructoid- "It's been over a year since Bungie first released details on Destiny, its next big project after handing off the Halo series to Microsoft. While the studio was done telling the tale of the Master Chief and his journey, Bungie was far from ready to leave behind the sci-fi space genre.

It has been extremely secretive with Destiny, letting bits and pieces of info flow onto the Internet here and there. That was until earlier this month when Bungie had Destructoid up to its offices in Seattle and actually gave us some real hands-on time with the game.

While I have a much better sense of how the combat and controls feels now, Bungie still held back on revealing much about the game. And it's because of that on-going secrecy that I've lost some of my excitement towards Destiny."

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F4sterTh4nFTL1661d ago

Never was a big fan of Bungie and it its previous titles, looks like the trend will continue.

Shadonic1660d ago

well different people, I wouldn't right it off just yet though. I have an acquaintance who didn't like Halo because it was slower than your basic FPS on that reason though that was one of the reasons for why the gameplay was so good. Again different people different taste, still give destiny a shot at least in the beta and return the preorder later not the most logical to cmopletely write off the entire game as something your not into because the previewer had a bad experience on one small section of a big game.

Hellsvacancy1661d ago

It reminds me too much of Borderlands

SnakeCQC1661d ago

Yeah thats what i've been thinking but with better social multiplayer aspects and much better graphics. Lol I'll probably still end up getting it.

Hellsvacancy1661d ago

Remember what Borderlands was originally supposed to look like

Now we get Destiny, I shall more than likely pick it up after i've totally finished Witcher 3 (W3 is when I shall buy a PS4)

Muadiib1661d ago

Agreed, but does it have Borderland's charm? Not from what I've seen.

HugoDrax1661d ago

"It reminds me too much of Borderlands"

This is the exact same conversation I had with my brother yesterday. I'm a huge HALO fan, I even had every single Halo 1 and Halo 2 action figure which I sold off a few years back to help pay for graduate school.

I only finished Borderlands 1 and probably got through 45% of Borderlands 2. I like the games to an extent, but I'm not a fan of the abundance of weapons. My frustration was having to sell the guns I didn't like, and having to figure out which ones to keep. I would waste more time comparing which guns are the best, than playing through the game.

Anyhow, I'm positive Bungie will deliver or what's left of the original Bungie team.

ArbitorChief1661d ago

I think the make or break point for this game will be it's competitive multiplayer, that's what Bungie has excelled at for more than a decade now. Hopefully it's competitive, hardcore and has a big skill gap.

Shadonic1660d ago

I hope theres a skill gap and competitiveness as well. Theres much more as well the story the world and the social interaction coupled with the MP as its a part of it too cant knock off the story ever man.

mike32UK1661d ago

I'm sorry but it's way too early to be passing on this game, we've hardly seen even a slither of what this game provides. You can't judge on barely even an hour of play

Gh05t1661d ago

Isn't that the whole point of this authors opinion?

The fact they haven't shown anywhere near enough to get some people invested. They are keeping everything so close doored it's hard to stay hyped.

Besides saying right now that it is a pass does not mean when the game info isn't finally given that they can't change thier mind. Why can't you make a decision based on the information at hand. You are allowed to change your mind...

Shadonic1660d ago

I think there saving all of that until E3 this isnt being thrown in your face like most games are, I can already give you a summery of what happens in watch dogs before it even comes out. They've been steadly releaseing new details through twitter and the weekly updates but i doubt that game journalist would be that focused on bungie just to get the smallest of new details on it. I wish moreconsole could of gotten flown out there since hes more knowledgeable about Destiny compared to most of the previewers.

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