Gamersyde: We reviewed Child of Light

Driftwood: For barely €15, Child of Light will take you on a journey not that many full priced titles can even dream of delivering. The main storyline isn't that long, especially for a role playing game, but it should be noted that backtracking is possible at any time in the game, pushing you to explore the world in search for hidden chests or stardusts, which means most players will have something to sink their teeth into. Completing the main quest leaves you with two options: you can keep exploring the world or start a New Game + to max out your characters and find the remaining secrets. Child of Light is a bit too easy in normal mode, so we advise you to select the hardest difficulty setting to make the most of the excellent combat system. It unfortunately won't change the difficulty of the few puzzles you'll encounter, both too predictable and accessible, but it really is the only negative we can say about the game overall. A game that starts with "Once upon a time" but that will leave you with the need for more.

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AKissFromDaddy1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

This game is so beautiful. I love the victory music. Reminds me of NiNo Kuni.

victorMaje1636d ago

It only took one image & I was sold...can't wait

medman1636d ago

I'm with you. This and Transistor had me at first sight.

ramiuk11636d ago

the quality of gamesyde videos has always pleased me,i wish other sites would take note

Skate-AK1635d ago

You guys have the best video quality videos and video player.