Mario Kart 8 Gets New 60 Minute Long Gameplay Video

A new 60 minute long video is now available for Mario Kart 8, showcasing a variety of gameplay features.

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thehobbyist1686d ago

Looks great. This will get some big sales figures for sure.

WeAreLegion1686d ago

When is the embargo on Battle Mode up? That's what I want.

crusf1686d ago Show
Toman851686d ago

Many games this month. Gonna get 6 games and MK8 is the most I want in May!

MilkMan1686d ago

60 minutes? Who makes these crazy long vids. Might as well not get the game.

ChickeyCantor1686d ago

Its more than just the gameplay, its an indepth presentation. Did you even hit the play button?

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