Will H1Z1 Focus More On The Horror Aspect Of ‘Survival Horror’

IM PLAYIN takes a look at the recent gameplay footage of H1Z1 and discusses the prospects of it being a real survival horror game.

"In the first gameplay trailer for H1Z1, we’re asked if we can ‘survive the night’. I feel, considering that it’s going to be a sandbox MMORPG, surviving the night isn’t going to be too tough. Otherwise you’re going to have some seriously pissed off gamers, if they’re dying every time the sun sets. Still, the trailer did highlight one or two interesting aspects of the game that I’m looking forward to seeing more of."

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ATi_Elite1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

If it wants to be successful then YES it needs to focus on the grit and realism of SURVIVAL.

Running around loaded to the gills with Guns and loot isn't gonna make this game any fun.

You gotta make the horror of survival a high priority. This is what has made DayZ such a run away hit.

You heart starts to pound as you enter each new situation because you have to take note of supplies, survival percentage, and if you are well equipped for each area plus just keeping good health and maintaining a Perma Death character is Horror enough even when you are not in combat or danger.

SuperBlur1633d ago

One of the only FPS game i'd be willing to play on console , i dont want anything to do with DayZ and anything of the like again on PC , cheaters and KOS attitude from the vast majority of its user base. Not saying console will have less KOS players but im hopeful

Zichu1633d ago

I'm currently playing RUST, even though it's in its early stages, it's still a great game. Not horror, but it has a lot of survival aspects to it.

Me and my brother play online, we've built our base up, got some weapons and such, but even we have trouble when we run into other gun wielding players. Having a gun still doesn't make you strong and powerful.

Anyway, I am interested in this game due to its similarity in RUST and most likely DayZ. I really should try out DayZ. This game along with many others will get me to buy a PS4.

Skate-AK1633d ago

Hopefully. Sounds like it has a ton of potential.

iNFAMOUZ11633d ago

I talk about this game everyday, so excited

MysticStrummer1633d ago

Yeah this game went from unknown to near the top of my list in record time. They can always screw it up I suppose, but for now I am excite.

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