Sony London Studio’s Unannounced PS4 Game Will Use High Volumes of High Quality Outsourced Assets

Very little is known about SCE London Studio's unannounced PS4 game besides the fact that it'll be done in Unreal and will involve vehicles. Today it's been revealed that it'll make heavy use of outsourcing for the creation of its art assets.

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JoGam1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

All sounds Great. Can't wait to play it.

Abriael1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I'm still wondering if it's a new Getaway. The fact that they need to outsource a lot of assets could definitely point to an open world game.

But maybe it's just my wishful thinking.

-Foxtrot1687d ago


I think we need an open world game using London or the UK in general as a setting.

It will be the UK GTA since Rockstar have said they are never venturing out the US again.

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1687d ago

Hopefully , I really loved the first two and don't forget they said Getaway 3 wasn't cancelled but put on hold!! :D

KendrickLamar1687d ago

If it's not a new Getaway game I'll be seriously pissed. I loved the getaway games and holy sh*t (pardon my language) it would look beautiful on next-gen. Especially since it would be developed by a first-party studio.

ChipChipperson1687d ago

I was literally, just playing Black Monday yesterday and hoping The Getaway 3 would be picked up again after being disappointed by the news years ago about it's "on hold" status. It was too bad some gamers alway tried to compare this to GTA and stuff and say it sucked, but they're both great series.

diehardmetallicafan1687d ago

Exactly what i'm thinking, and hoping.

DigitalRaptor1686d ago

Oh man, PLEASE let it be that Getaway game that we saw in the PS3 trailer, that's based in Amsterdam.

It looked awesome and gritty, like TLOU.

randomass1711686d ago

I guess I was the only one thinking it was a new IP? Another Getaway though... sounds fascinating. :D

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DOMination-1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I think the article is wrong. I believe its using the unity engine not unreal 4.

Add to that this studios recent history and its obvious they are working on casual stuff. Doesn't mean its bad but it won't be 8 days or the getaway.

ToxicSushi1687d ago

Good point! I smell an epic remake of Wonderbook: Book of Spells on the PS4!

waltyftm1687d ago

Great stuff, lets hope its a new Getaway.

Walker1687d ago

E3 cannot come soon enough ! obviously, it's Siphon Filter reboot !

Abriael1687d ago

Doubtful, that'd be Sony Bend, on the other side of the ocean :D

WeAreLegion1687d ago

Sony Bend is busy remaking their first game, Columbo's Mystery Capers, anyway.

chrissx1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Some real high quality games coming only on Ps4. A nextgen getaway will be awesome but whatever it is will be great I'm sure

Daver1687d ago

I know this is just hype but it gets me excited about titles coming. E3 should be exciting this year

mike32UK1687d ago

Me too man! E3 is going to be killer this year!

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The story is too old to be commented.