SEGA Teams up with Insert Coin for New Sonic and Shenmue Apparel

Hardcore Gamer: Hip video game apparel retailer Insert Coin today has announced a new partnership with Sega to produce Sonic and Shenmue inspired merchandise.

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ValKilmer1634d ago

I don't think I could control myself around a women wearing that dress...

-Foxtrot1634d ago

I'm not a fan of Insert Coin, there T-Shirts the majority of the time have that same "design" to them and by that I mean they'll have a logo or "industry name" linking it to a franchise, for example "Green Hill Zone Running Club", "Ellie's Survival School" or "Chicken Chaser" (Fable). You'd want something like this from Sonic


To be honest that dress with a full on print from Sonic the casino world is the best thing there, that's the sort of shirts I would like to see. Massive prints on in game levels, then people will obviously see what it's from, not go "Chicken Chaser...what's that from again"

I suppose they are some shirts with the right idea, like this Last of Us shirt


Full on replica of Ellie's shirt.

ValKilmer1634d ago

I think by being indirect they're attempting to be hip and avoid the "nerd" trappings that wearing a shirt with a giant picture of Knuckles would entail.

-Foxtrot1634d ago

I guess but the whole point of video game shirts or shirts in general is to show it's cool design.

No point if only a handful of people get what it's off. Even then a gamer might not get something like the "Chicken Chaser" one if they haven't played Fable or haven't played it in a long time.

However if you saw a girl wearing that dress you would know exactly what it's off, even if your not a gamer you would still most likely know it's Sonic

I think the only shirts I would class in the whole "nerd" trapping would be an Assassins Creed hoodie or one of those Watch Dog coats.

The Ellie replica shirt is a good balance, it doesn't obviously state it's off a video game but it's enough to let Last of Us fans know what it's off.

WeAreLegion1633d ago

Their models look so uncomfortable.

Nerdmaster1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I love "not in your face" design for clothes. I mean, I also love t-shirts with pictures of characters and all (I'm using one right now with Kyo and Iori from The King of Fighters) but I really like when I find t-shirts with more subtle references.

I don't think every t-shirt needs to scream "I play this game!", the ones that say "hey, if you play this game you'll understand the reference" are also great.

I would definitely buy these two below, if I didn't have to pay for more than 100% in import taxes.


Skate-AK1633d ago

They have to be teasing Shenmue for a reason.