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A shooter is only as good as its sniper rifle. In Halo, the UNSC Sniper Rifle System 99 thunders with each pull of the trigger, as if Zeus himself has hurled a bolt of lightning down from the heavens and into the skull of your enemy. Zoom. Thundercrack. Headshot. Reload.

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Deadpool1011687d ago

Quite a few reports of Destiny "feeling" like another Halo game (an evoled one to be sure but Halo none the less), which would make sense coming from Bungie.
The question is will all the Halo haters on N4G be okay with that because it's now on their system or will they be annoyed that a promising game apparently feels like a game they detest? Hmmm I wonder.

micx1687d ago

Why would it being similar to Halo be a bad thing? Maybe in gameplay and visual sytle yes, but there's a lot of new interesting concepts and takes on the FPS genre, which are promising.

Deadpool1011687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Dont get me wrong. Having gameplay that feels similar is not a bad thing at all. Provided you liked the feel of Halo. My point is that there are so many people who have ragged on Halo saying how its overhyped and doesnt play that great, it will be interesting to see if suddenly, because its not a MS exclusive game, thay same gameplay is actually brilliant. As for people saying Destiny is nothing like Halo...not in content and ambition no but in graphic design and gunplay (according to those who've actually played it) it is very much Halo Evolved. Obviously your opinion of Halo is whether that's a good or bad thing.

1687d ago
UltraNova1686d ago

Nobody seemed bothered by TitanFall's 1:1 gameplay transfer form COD (excluding the parkour stuff, obviously).

While the gameplay mechanics are as arcady as shit it works for the purpose intended. If it aint broken don't try and fix it!

Same goes for Bungie and Halo.

Nero13141687d ago

I guess some people just trying to find something negative about this game lol

micx1687d ago

Why is being like Halo that negative?

Nero13141687d ago

I don't got a problem with it being like halo , I'm just saying people are trying to find something negative about this game.

Deadpool1011687d ago

If you mean my first comment I am honestly not trying to be negative towards the game in anyway. If it's gonna have similarities to a another Halo is by no means a bad choice. My issue is with hypocritical halo haters that idolise Destiny that's all.

WeAreLegion1687d ago

I don't mind it feeling like Halo, but I hope the story is better.

OwnageDC6501687d ago

This game is looking amazing! I love Halo so I welcome any similarities. Day 1 buy for my PS4.

S2Killinit1687d ago

exactly. this is going to be epic.

micx1687d ago

Count me in, similarities are welcome.

chrissx1687d ago

How can it be better than halo when destiny is an online only game. Can't be better

Deadpool1011687d ago

Hey now thats the same sort of thing they said about Titanfall and that was pretty cool ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.